Mission to Mars

marsI’m honestly floored by the idea of traveling to Mars.  Not floored by traveling the idea but floored that so many people are excited and willing to drop Earth lives to live Mars lives.  This article on Yahoo outlines the journey of volunteers who want to start life on Mars on a one way trip.

There were 200,000 potential candidates of which 100 are being selected.  The allure of this trip is to start life on another planet.  Some scientists believe settling other planets is the best hope for human survival.  Here’s a quote from a candidate:

Not actual candidate.

“I think either you get it or you don’t,” she said. “I would equate it almost to seeing Mt. Everest for the first time. Here is this hostile challenging environment, and either you feel a yearning to climb it or you don’t. And if you don’t, I don’t know if–that I could ever explain that to you.”

10 years is about the time they hope the shuttle will take off.  Skeptics believe it is a suicide mission that is going to cost 50 to several 100 billion dollars.


My Mars Take

Mission-to-Mars-2000I get it.  Why limit yourself to one planet when you have the first opportunity to settle life on another one?  It’s exciting.  To think that humans have been on the earth for 200,000 years should put some perspective on time.  It’s taken this long to get to this amazing point where we have the technology to travel to a planet 200 million miles away.  It’s history in the making and you’d be forever known for doing one of the most meaningful missions ever  for mankind.  I get it.

I was going to write a paragraph on why I think it’s ridiculous but I really don’t.  Human beings are destroying Earth and for humans to exist, maybe they do need to colonize new planets.  I believe there are other life forms out in space.  It’s too big to think otherwise.  Space travel is obviously one of the most difficult technologies to understand and harness because it involves a huge amount of uncertainty and an enormous cost financially and putting lives at stake.

Holy shit!  This looks awesome.  I can't wait to go.

Holy shit! This looks awesome. I can’t wait to go.

I personally would not be the first person to volunteer.  Let them figure out how to keep a space shuttle in space for 7 months and land on a tiny planet before I sign my name.  Are there luxurious beach resorts on Mars or just piles of rock and no water.  No thanks.  I’ll live my meaningless life here on Earth.