2011 Maxim Hot 100

Maxim top 100 Hottest Girls

Here is a list of Maxim’s top 100 with my comments next to the girls name. I don’t know of everyone so I’m only going to comment on the one’s I know.

100. Melanie Iglesias
99. Candace Bailey
98. Camilla Belle
97. Hope Dworaczyk
96. Sophie Monk – The 3some girl in Entourage, not bad.
95. Serinda Swan
94. Alessandra Torresani
93. Kelli Hutcherson
92. Nicky Whelan
91. Erin Andrews – Erin has a funky nose but she’s undoubtedly attractive. The fact she reports sports bumps her up notches.
90. Lauren Storm
89. Lyndsy Fonseca
88. Daniela Ruah
87. Emmanuelle Vaugier
86. Autumn Reeser
85. Rachelle Leah
84. Paz De la Huerta – This is the Nookie’s girl from Boardwalk Empire and she is just not hot enough for this list.
83. Carly Craig
82. Kelly Kelly – Two first names, wtf?
81. Gabrielle Union – I’m not generally attracted to black females but she is absolutely gorgeous.
80. Danica McKellar – Winnie? Seriously? Yes she’s an attractive girl but she can’t be part of the top 100.
79. Mini Anden
78. JWOWW – When compared to Snooki and Deena she’s good looking but she seems kind of trashy and beat in my mind. Her boobs look nice though.
77. Anna Chapman
76. Diora Baird
75. Nicki Minaj – She has a fat ass and a unique look to her. I actually can see how people think she’s really hot.
74. Laura Vandervoort
73. Jamie Chung
72. Stacy Keibler – My number 1 always.
71. Taylor Cole
70. Arianny Celeste – I never saw her before this hot 100 but I think she should be in the top 10. She’s a UFC girl, uber cute, and a nice body. Awesome looking.
69. Emma Watson – Uhh what? Isn’t this the girl whose movies I’ve never seen because she’s only 13? I don’t see it.
68. Anna Paquin – I can never think of anything else about her other then the gap in her teeth. I don’t think she’s good enough for this list but she has her own sense of attractiveness.
67. Ciara
66. Aly Michalka
65. Elisha Cuthbert – Yes, another one of my top 10. I love the blonde hair and her face is so beautiful. I would do bad things to her.
64. Miley Cyrus – Don’t see it. Just seems too childish and country for me.
63. Ana De la Reguera
62. Whitney Port
61. Eva Amurri
60. Kelly Brook
59. Grace Park
58. Christina Aguilera – I think Christina looks great all the time.
57. Audrina Patridge – I would marry her.
56. Christina Hendricks
55. Joanna Krupa
54. Vanessa Hudgens – Absolutely not. Zac Efron can keep her.
53. Ashley Greene
52. Minka Kelly
51. Nicole Scherzinger – Pussycat dolls singer, I think she’s average but probably has a killer body from all that dancing.
50. Selita Ebanks
49. Alison Brie
48. Julianne Hough – Purest looking girl on the list.
47. Odette Annable
46. Beau Garrett
45. Emmanuelle Chriqui – Sloane is the perfect looking female. Plus in real life I’m sure she is exactly like Sloane in Entourage so she’s the perfect girlfriend.
44. Anna Faris – I’ve never understood her. She was beat in Scary Movie and then all of a sudden people decided she was hot. She’s still not.
43. Naya Rivera
42. Emma Stone – Jules from Superbad just doesn’t do it for me.
41. Jaimie Alexander
40. Hilary Duff – She seems like a skeleton to me.
39. Rebecca Mader
38. Lindsay Lohan – Maybe in her Mean Girls days but now she’s a drugged up coke whore.
37. Zoe Saldana
36. Brooklyn Decker – Andy Roddick is a lucky man.
35. Kim Kardashian – Best curves. Unfortunately came to fame from a sex tape.
34. Avril Lavigne – I think she’s really cute in a weird way. Very nice looking.
33. Dania Ramirez
32. Emmy Rossum
31. Evan Rachel Wood
30. Amanda Bynes – I think she’s grown into a hot piece of ass. Very nice.
29. Sofia Vergara – Old for the list but I love Gloria. Awesome boobs. The w/o makeup pic makes me question her real beauty.
28. Lea Michele – NO F’ING way. Just not a hot 100 type of girl. I see how people see how she can be cute but I think this is absurd to have her this high.
27. Michelle Trachtenberg – I don’t see it in her. She’s very normal looking in my mind.
26. Kate Middleton – Wouldn’t be on this list if she wasn’t “in” right now.
25. Britney Spears – Maybe 10 years ago. Get back in shape and we’ll talk. Pretty face though.
24. Sarah Shahi
23. Brittany Snow – I’m surprised she’s got this high recognition because I do love her but I figured she isn’t well known.
22. Rihanna – An ethnic type, I’m not incredibly attracted to her.
21. Jessica Alba – I’m over the Alba phase.
20. Taylor Swift – Sort of a distinctive look. Seems really innocent which I think dirty people find attractive.
19. Anna Kournikova – A staple to this list. An example of hotness.
18. Eva Mendes – Ehhh, I see it sometimes but I’m not overly excited by her.
17. Megan Fox – So 2 years ago.
16. Leighton Meester – So, So
15. Olivia Wilde – She was 1 one year and I don’t think she should even make the list.
14. Scarlett Johansson – The office scene in “he’s just not that into you” is burned in my mind.
13. Kaley Cuoco
12. January Jones
11. Jordana Brewster – Too thick eyebrows.
10. Jennifer Lawrence
9. Cobie Smulders
8. Natalie Portman – Everyone goes nuts over her but I just think she’s average. I just can’t look past the Star Wars movies and she never came off as hot to me. Even Black Swan she just isn’t what I consider “hot”.
7. Anne Hathaway – She really has grown on me. I think she has a pretty face.
6. Bar Refaeli – Looks nice and has a great body for a swimsuit model.
5. Mila Kunis – Looks like Haley from Modern family. I do think she’s pretty, especially in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
4. Cameron Diaz – My biggest disagreement on the whole list. What the hell are people smoking? She isn’t the least bit attractive. Where do people get this from her?
3. Katy Perry – Yes I love Katy. She has a distinctive look, great boobs, and her singing just makes her hotter.
2. Olivia Munn – Yuck!
1. Rosie Huntington Whiteley – WOW. NO WAY should she be number 1. She looks homely to me. Must suck a mean one to get to 1.

Where’s Kristen Bell? Where’s Jessica Biel? How is Rachel higher then Quinn? I don’t know how some of these girls got on the list. I know I’m not the best critic of this list either because I’m biased to blondes and boobs. It basically takes the hottest of the hot for me to like them if they have black or red hair. Plus I favor the white folk. Hope you enjoyed my shallowness.