Things don’t operate smoothly

I’m not sure what it is but doing everyday things seem to turn into unusual events.  For instance, I go to the bank to make a deposit.  There is hardly anyone there and only one teller.  I stroll in and walk over to the stand so I can make out my deposit ticket.  I begin filling it out and some squirrly old man cruises through the door and bolts over to the stand.  He gets a slip and starts filling out the paper work at lightning speed.  If you know anything about the bank you know that it’s a race for who can fill out there deposit ticket faster and get to the teller.  So now I’m in rush mode to fill out my ticket and I’m practically scribbling my chickenscratch which is hardly legible.  Obviously this beast beat me to it and I had to wait behind him so he could collect his cash.  Normal trips to the bank turn into nightmares.  Tellers take breaks the minute I walk in or they switch the drive through to red when I’m about to pull up.  I really dread going to the bank.

Another thing I don’t understand is the way the air-co and heat temperature is set in cars.  My car has it so I can set the exact degree I want.  They can save their money on the technology because I only use 3 settings.  It’s either off, all the way hot or all the way cold.  There is no in between.  If it’s hot, I go cold, if it’s cold, I go hot, if it’s nice, I open the window.  And what’s the deal with the transition from winter to summer.  I put my air conditioner on for the first time this year and it starts shooting out what looks like poisonous gas.  This white cloud of air comes shooting at my face full force.  I feel like I’m about to breathe in Carbon Monoxide and pass out while I’m driving.  I get to get a new car in a couple of months though so that makes me happy.  Even though my car now isn’t even 3 years old I’ve had enough of it.

A final thought is that I don’t know why I write this blog.  I told my friends it’s like something is telling me to do it.  I don’t believe in higher powers so it’s nothing like that and I really don’t have any expectations from doing this so I’m not exactly sure what I mean when I say that but, somewhere down the line I have a feeling something will come from it.  My next post will be about my business ideas that I’m do lazy to work on myself so if anyone is interested in stealing my ideas, stay tuned to the next entry.
Picture of Marisa Miller to keep everyone happy.marisa_miller_hfs