Mario’s – The Barber Experience

Today at Mario’s in Maple Glen, I spent 14 minutes and $20 dollars as I walked out with a fresh new haircut. I couldn’t have been happier. I always have a fear when I’m getting my hair cut that the barber is going to leave too much in front or buzz off the sides. There is a lot that can go wrong in a hair cut and then you have to deal with it for days, if not weeks, with a stupid hair cut. It’s not something that is easily fixed once it goes south. That’s why I still go to the same place that I’ve always gone to since childhood. The staff has hardly changed in the past 20 years and I think that gives a nice comfort level. My personal favorite is Nick and he is who I had today. He’s friendly, tells some decent stories, there aren’t any awkward moments of silence, and he gives a decent hair cut in quick time. He barely even uses scissors which shows his skill strictly with an electric razor. I couldn’t bring myself to trust a girl from Hair Cuttery to cut my hair. I feel like she’d try to style it into something it’s not. Here is what I came out with:

Rnningfool's New Hair Cut

I blog shirtless and have those huge headphones as I listen to Spotify or AltNation on Sirius. I was going to doctor the photo with something comical in the background because I know everyone analyzes pictures looking for something to call someone out on. Not this time but just know that it’s in the back of my mind as something funny to do even though I’ll probably lose all credibility from here on out.