Naked Broads are Acceptable in Pop Culture

Lady Gaga has done something else that is unusual by baring it all in this video. To quote billboard “Lady Gaga has teamed with Serbian performance artist Marina Abramovic for a bizarre tutorial/testimonial video in which the singer chants, stands in a river, walks blindly in a field and spoons a giant crystal.” It’s both a bizarre (She has 2 penises on her head at 1 minute) and annoying (the chanting will drive you nuts) video. Her tits aren’t too shabby though and she’s in great shape.

Gaga in the Marina Abramovic kickstarter art project acting goofy.

Gaga in the Marina Abramovic kickstarter art project.

Let’s not forget the Blurred Lines video where Emily Ratajkowski stole the show with her slamming body and huge rack (this post was fun to make). The song was the summer smash and I’m sure this video had something to add onto the catchy nature of this tune. Who knows if it would have been as popular without Emily’s jiggling funbags.

Justin Timberlake tried to outdo Robin “I’m So” Thicke with the Tunnel Vision video which didn’t seem to have the same effect. It’s basically a video shoot with some naked girls dancing around to a song that makes you want to fall asleep. It’s 7 minutes long and I could barely watch 2 even with the nakedness going on. The internet has desensitized me.

There is obviously a theme going on here that naked women sell! It’s nice to see our culture move from the 1900’s when one piece bathing suits (she was arrested in 1907 for indecency for this piece) weren’t allowed, to baring it all is accepted and proving that sex isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. The one negative impact is that all women are going to think they need to look like these women and that obviously is bad for self esteem. Keeping everyone covered up allows the imagination to take place but reality can be harsh. Society still hasn’t accepted the exposed dick yet but at this rate, who the hell knows. I’m not sure where to draw the line between art and this is getting out of hand but you can expect this to continue to “be improved” or one upped. Either way, I’m not complaining about this current trend, long live the naked body.

Here is Emily Ratajowski, from Blurred Line video, looking fine as hell.