Tee Shirt Time

Jess Baker, nice comment on the last post, the tee shirt time would be a pretty funny trademark to open every football game with. Huck, if your on a heater, share the wealth and just let me know who to take. I’m pretty much just monkey throwing a dart at a selection of games. That addresses my comments as I wrote on Sam’s wall, everyone gets anxious to read the comments on posts but people don’t like taking the time to write them, so I obviously will address them when people write them.

There have been some developments in Green Lane lately which I hesitate to bring up but I think are too funny not to. Evan has a co-worker who isn’t so well versed in the English language and whenever he asks Evan how to do something and he gives him the answer, he responds with “that’s what I was thinking.” Obviously this isn’t what you were thinking if you didn’t know how to do it. So this has pretty much taken our comments by storm and for whatever reason this line can find a barrel of laughs time and time again. Basically if I post questions like why the fuck would you do that, the right response is always “that’s what I was thinking.” Just give it a try it’s pretty hilarious.

The Shee and I also find the Pauly D “Oh Yeah’s” hilarious. Anytime during football and there’s a big play you just erupt into “OH YEAH, BIG PLAY, OH YEAH.” The voice obviously has to accompany it but this is also hilarious. Spontaneous “CABS ARE HERE,” are also acceptable. Jwoww is coming to Mad River next Tuesday and I’d expect a pretty big turn out. It’s only Jwoww but still, it’s going to bring a huge crowd. 2 of the 3 bartenders I know who usually serve me cheap alcohol are no longer employed there so I’m on a new mission to find new friends who will serve me cheap booze. It’s been a while since I’ve had this issue but paying full price at Mad River can get pricey so I need to work quickly to find some cohorts.

To some not as entertaining news, I watched Weeds too which I thought wasn’t too bad but nothing really happened in the episode. I feel like they are just kind of stringing along a season with nothing really happening. It’s entertaining but not necessarily anything I’d call a good show. I thought Boardwalk Empire was kind of weak with not much really going on. I hate to say it but this show better start developing fast because I feel like the action is a bit stale. Dexter was decent but I wish they would have strung along Boyd to another episode and maybe gave him more abilities than just a one and done kill for Dex. The sideplot with the heads seems sort of dumb but I’m not going to make any sure thing comments because this show seems to get better as it goes along. I also watched Kenny Powers and they just missed the mark a little bit. He’s still funny and I love how he refers to the people as villagers but it doesn’t have as good as a plot as the first season. That’s it for TV and my fantasy team was 3-1 this week and I have +.500 records in all 4 leagues which is pretty good. I’ll be away for Wed and Thur so my updates may not be there, but my traffic has been weak anyway so I’m not sure too many people will be very concerned.