Male Bartenders

While at the Princeton in Avalon over the weekend, it was clear to me that they purposely hire male bartenders. Let me explain in just a few concise sentences why this is the wrong approach. As a guy, I like to have my drink served by hot, female bartenders. I prefer even not as attractive females over males. Now Nicole, a girl, said she prefers getting served by males. Makes sense. Let me ask this, why on earth would a bar want to cater to females on a weekend? First off, males make more money professionally and therefore have more money to spend. Males also can drink females under the table and will consume more alcohol, thus tipping the bartenders more and more often. When you charge 5.50 a beer I can see why the bar would have no reason to accommodate its bartenders but these are just simple truths that any bar would want to hire as many attractive, female bartenders as possible. My suggestion is to have a 75/25 split. You obviously want some guy bartenders but never more than female bartenders.