Made in America

So I’ve obviously been updating this blog less often than past time. An obvious reason for this is because I’ve stopped writing about what I’m doing. I could write a post every hour about what I did the last hour. Since I’ve eliminated these types of posts, I have less to write about. The reason for why I’ve stopped those types of posts is because I’ve been doing them for years and they just aren’t that good. HOWEVER, I will write about things I do that are actually interesting, not going to mall to buy a new pair of shoes (if those posts interest you than you might have to take a step back and observe your own life)(I will however write that I think I have good opinions on those types of things).

I spent $91.26 on a Made in America ticket this past Saturday that headlined with Jay-Z, Skrillex, Passion Pit, and Calvin Harris. Jeff and I drove to the city on Friday night to avoid any oddball traffic on Saturday. We went to a bar called Time Friday night which was pretty funny. It was a decent time highlighted by something unusual towards the end where I said something to this hot girl (I believe it was inaudible) and then she looked at me and then it seemed like the entire room was just completely staring at me. I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on so I just turned around and left but it was seriously bizarre because I don’t even think I said anything.

We got up at 9 and got some breakfast and then headed over to the Shee’s place to drink some beers and break a piece of couch that didn’t fit into his apartment. We did that and played some caps before heading back to 210 where Jeff forgot his phone and then made our way to Steve’s for some more beers. I think we got to the concert at 3:30 and they didn’t even check my ticket to get in. 24 oz beers were selling for $11.00 but I don’t think I had more than 2. The whole day was a complete and utter blur. Not in that I don’t remember anything but it just went by quickly. The techno tent was certainly an interesting site. After Jay-Z performed people started heading out and we went over to Morgan’s Pier for a little while. At that point I couldn’t drink anymore because I was malnourished and just went back home at 1:30 or so. Nothing really crazy happened and I still sit here thinking that this isn’t that great of a post. I do think people find these somewhat readable though because they didn’t experience it.