What in the World?

There are two things that are happening in today’s world that are really throwing me off. #1 being the weather and natural disasters. They seem more prevalent then ever. Here’s a clip of a tornado owning a river which I thought was absolutely awesome. Let me mention this is MASSACHUSETTS! Why on Earth are they getting this?

With this ridiculous heat at the beginning of June, the record breaking snowfall the past few winters, the Earthquakes in Japan and Haiti and not to forget the subsequent tsunamis. This year is going to be a record for most deaths by tornado in the Midwest. People, things are out of whack. Whether it’s global warming or whatever, something is going on. I’m just so happy to live in Pennsylvania where things seem to just be moderate. There aren’t any real natural disaster to worry about except a little snow here and there. I can’t predict the future but it seems that we are headed for more records.

The other thing out of whack is our parents and facebook. I’m starting to notice the baby boomers are gravitating towards facebook. There is nothing wrong with this trend but everyone knows that once old people start finding things cool, they start to lose their cool. Sorry Mark Zuckerberg but this is reality. I know you are trying to take over the world with Facebook but what this baby boomer trend does is have the younger generation start looking out for more cool things. All you hear these days in the corporate world is Facebook this, Facebook that, but I’m predicting that Facebook is entering it’s maturing age. There is a business life cycle of something, growth, maturation, something and I’m about ready for Facebook to start to phase out.