Lurker Call Out

Every once in a while I stumble across an amazing idea and this is my best of the year. It’s been a slow year for great ideas. We can label this as a way of me giving back to my readers. I’m going to go through the network list of the people who visit my blog and then give my opinion of the person. Everyone gets to form their own opinions about me and now I’m getting the chance to give mine on them. What I did was range the timeline since my blogs inception and it breaks down the visits from each network. I’ll start with the most avid fans and work my way down. Remember I don’t know exactly who is coming from the network but I can do my best to guess. If I’m wrong feel free to correct me. Blog start date was May 2nd, 2009.

  • With the pole position and 573 visits, hailing from JP Morgan Chase, the SHEE. Shockingly my harshest critic is also my most loyal viewer. Always quick to point out how my brothers blog is better and how bad my efforts are. Shee has been all over the blog lately and has become a fan favorite amongst viewers. Now that I’m aware of how big of a super fan he is, we should probably start hanging out more. Did we just become best friends? YEP!
  • 274 visits from the Broadart Company. I’m not 100% positive but I believe this is Hafer’s friend Matt Stackhouse. Stackhouse and I have only met in person a handful of times but it’s apparent that he knows a good thing when he sees one. Thumbs up for the loyalty. I’m sure you probably know me way better than I know you. If you are ever in the area and want to play on our basketball rec teams, we could really use the size.
  • Temple University is next on the list. I only know Paige Mooney who goes to Temple and I think it’s safe to assume that Paige probably could care less about my blog and I think it would be Weller reading up on her computer. Weller was nice enough to buy me a bottle of Grey Goose for my birthday and it’s good to know somebody cares about my enthusiasm for getting wasted. Weller also takes me out to rounds at Talamore for golf and finds me way more interesting then I really am. Weller – I still can’t sign off on that life insurance policy, hahaha.
  • University of Pittsburgh comes next. Considering I don’t have any friends there anymore I guess this is probably Nicole, Jeff’s gf. I’ve taken a shine to Nicole. It wasn’t that I ever disliked her but I find her pretty entertaining, she doesn’t annoy me, and she’s good at catchphrase. She can get wasted with the rest of us and I generally enjoy her company. Nice work Jeff.
  • PNC bank has to the be the one and only Gerald Rama. This is a real shot in the dark but I don’t know anyone else who would work there that would read my blog. Gerald and I go back to the glory days of college. He and I are the remaining members of the haggard crew. Gerald is easy going and a likeable person. It’s fun to get him charged up over stupid stuff like being better than him at beer pong or how good the Steelers are. I was happy to hear his days of a Mage are over.
  • George Mason University is obviously Jill. Jill’s way down on the list but you can be certain she’s a superfan, the visits just aren’t tallied due to her moving. She spends her time endlessly doing school work to get her PHD to land a cushy job teaching. It’s funny how you can get a PHD and think that California to New York is 600,000 miles away. She’s going to hate me for writing that but she’ll get over it. I can honestly say that she’s never been anything but nice to me and even accompanied me to the ER when I broke my face which was not a pretty sight. She’s another one who finds me more interesting than I really am.
  • Univ. of Louisville is Big Steve. Always a good friend, even the time he spilled a glass of wine on top of my head when we were in this big crowd. He acted like he didn’t do it even saying things like “I can’t believe someone would do that.” Weeks later he spilled the beans to me which was a pretty hilarious thing to do. Steve’s studying to be a doctor much to my surprise. I write much to my surprise because he partied with the best of them. 336 Atwood (its something close to that) was the college party house to be at and Big Steve’s name was always associated with it. Steve probably thinks he can drink more beers than I could but until that’s put to the test, I know I’d win. I did win the case race in college by a large margin and that’s back when I was a rookie. If you ever need someone to boo opposing teams fans, Steve’s your man.

    That’s about all the relevant networks that pop up. Anyone want to let me know who Cox Communications is? I know there are some people out there who read this blog more than some people mentioned but your network isn’t distinguishable. We know Hafer’s a superfan. He wrote earlier how he’s taken credit for the blogs rise to the top with his avid marketing. CK4 reads this shit. He probably goes to the page hits Ctrl+F, searches for CK4 and if nothing pops up, closes the page. JKash reads this and just uses my material as means for my drinking problem and the need for an intervention. I’m sure Sam reads most entries and I bet my Mom lurks without her wanting me to find out. Let’s not forget Huck from FL who sees too much of his younger days in this blog. Jess Baker eats my material up as well.

    If I didn’t mention you and you visit this blog on the reg, it’s safe to say that you will continue to view from the shadows. I had a fun time with this entry and I know that most people probably have no interest in the people who surround me, but I found it entertaining. It’s now time to wrap this up. I have to catch some shut eye from a late night last night and get ready to do it all again.

    I’m writing this after I already wrote this entry. JKash importantly pointed out that no entry can be good unless I include him so I’ll give you a nice blurb. Another one who is quick to point out that I’m not good at things. It’s his go to phrase anytime I do something stupid. Jkash used to come out with us trolling for booty but now he has a hot piece of ass that he spends all his time with. Let’s not forget how he conveniently got injured during the basketball season before he paid his league fees. He is still probably leading the league in fouls committed without even playing the last two games. He’s the antithesis of CK4 in the sense that he gets things done. We spent a good amount of time together when he was layed off and wanted to get hammered every night. Sort of makes me sad to think that when he had nothing better to do, he hung out with me. Finally, Jkash knows more NBA player jerseys than anyone I know. Teva’s doing well too…