And the Next Celebrity Meltdown Goes To…

Ariel Winter from Modern Family. Before I fully detail this prediction (which is going off at 1-1 right now), it’s important to scour the past for hints of insanity from other meltdowns.


McKayla Maroney’s Downward Spiral

Hard to categorize this as a complete meltdown as there haven’t been any internal, or external, reports of it. I also have exactly 0 inside information on the aforementioned meltdown. However, I’m sensing her state of mind through her Twitter and Instagram posts since she rose to Olympic fame. Let’s watch the 4 year cycle:

Picture from the summer of 2012 when she was still training
McKayla After Olympics

Still Olympic Fame with the not impressed face
Hot Young McKayla

The Pinnacle of McKayla taken on 9/4/13
McKayla Maroney Dodger Fan

Still Keeping it Together – 4th of July in 2014 
McKayla's 4th of July

Concert Scene Takes Over and Madness Begins (still brown hair) – April 13, 2015
McKayla at Coachella

Post Boob Job – October, 2015
McKayla Boobs

Drugs Are Bad, MmmmKay – Shortly After the Last Pic
McKayla on Molly

Falling Off the Wagon – March 8th, 2016
Black Hair McKayla

Black Hair Begins – March 20th, 2016
McKayla Bikini

Who Knows What’s Next – June 7th, 2016

Black Hair McKayla Maroney



Britney Spears Goes Full Cycle (Thankfully)

The most notorious collapse from the queen of pop. She got into all sorts of wild antics like shaving her head, getting hitched in Vegas and then divorced shortly after, marrying her backup dancer Kevin Federline, and stories involving drugs and bizarre parenting. Britney has since returned to prime time with spots on American Idol and making a full revitalization of her life which is wonderful to witness that you can turn it around.

The Hottest Britney in Hit Me Baby One More Time – ’98

Britney Hit Me

Whoops I Did It Again Video – ’00
Britney in Whoops I Did It Again

Still Looking Hot but the Beginning of the Meltdown – ’04
Jan '04 Britney Spears

Britney Shaves Head and Attacks Car With Umbrella – ’07

Who Knows What She’s On – ’10

Making a Comeback – ’12
Britney Spears at Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Back to Healthy After Much Time (I’d guess) – ’15


Amanda Bynes Jumps Off Deep End and Lands On Cement

Completely disappearing from the limelight in today’s era, Amanda Bynes had a few weeks of epic proportions that captured the American audience by storm. A beautiful young woman who got her start from All That and grew into a leading lady in films. She started taking crazy pills and never fully recovered.

Looking Hot – 2009
Bynes 2009

Maxim – 2010
Amanda Bynes 2010

Drake Please Murder My Vagina – 2013
Bynes - Drake Please Murder My Vagina

Post Boob Job – 2014

Rough Times – 2014
amanda 2014

Mug Shot – 2014
Amanda Bynes Mugshot 2014

Bynes Doing Better but I Don’t Know If That’s Saying Much – Late 2015


Lindsey Lohan Fell the Furthest

Lindsay Lohan was on top of the world after Mean Girls (and even sort of with Herbie even though the movie sucked but she looked good doing it). She went from childhood cutie (remember Parent Trap), to goddess like proportion’s in Mean Girls, to cocaine addicted and DUI getting maniac, to skipping court and serving jail time. She never got back to full health which is sad and shows the dangers of being a childhood star.

The Plastics from Mean Girls -2004

Vanity Fair Shoot (Be Hotter, You Can’t)- 2004

Celebrity Status Takes It’s Toll Quickly – 2005

One of At Least 2 Mugshots – 2007

Riddled in Drugs and Alcohol – 2009

Wigging It – 2012

Tough To Tell If Things Are Looking Up – 2015



Ariel Winter is My Prediction For Next Complete Meltdown

Better known as Alex Dunphy from Modern Family, Ariel got press for having big boobs and getting them reduced. You’ll notice that most of these meltdowns stem from having big boobs combined with drugs and alcohol. My prediction of her demise begins with the notice of her provocative Instagram pics and Coachella destination (ala McKayla) for partying.  That graduation pic at the end is the cherry on top because who the hell would wear that to graduation? I’m guessing by the time she turns 21, she’ll have at least one DUI. Mark my words.

Talks of Breast Reduction Begin – Jan, 2014
20th Annual SAG Awards - Red Carpet

Modern Family – No Idea Time Frame

Bikini Selfies – March ’16
March 2016

Coachella – April ’16

Beach Time – April ’16

Her Graduation Picture – July ’16

When it happens, remember this post.

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Drugs + Media = Ratings


Drugs, Alcohol, and Media

It has occurred to me how sad our society behaves when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  Drugs are addictive.  People don’t act like themselves when they are on drugs.  They are still known as that person, but they essentially have an alter ego.  Sober-self vs Drug-self.   I believe the media does a horrendous job of dealing with drug induced people.  Media coverage is constant during breakdowns and this just exacerbates the problem.  The media may report it as erratic behavior but the reality is a serious drug problem.  Read on.


Lindsay Lohan


No drugs

I think she is a prime example of developing a drug problem and having the media follow her every move which eventually leads to destruction.  This is a great TrueBoob (NSFW) of her physical appearance throughout her career.  She rose to the tippy top of actress stardom after Mean Girls.  The movie had a hot cast, she lead them all, and won America’s heart.  She was the Queen Bee.  Then she was introduced to cocaine? and probably got hooked from there.  I read a quote that said she only tried it 4 or 5 times and I think she was leaving off the hundreds.



She lost her pure figure and ran rampant with irresponsible behavior like drunk driving, jewellery thefts, and tweeting topless pictures.  What did the media do?  They covered every single minute.  She’d go to rehab and then comeback with the paparazzi following every move.  This isn’t a typical lifestyle for anyone.  She has unlimited access and developed a serious addiction because of the people surrounding her, poor decision making, and drug intake.  Read this comment and tell me she was ok:

When Oprah asked what the big difference was this time, Lindsay was quick to say “Not taking Adderall, that’s a big deal.”

Guaranteed she used Adderall a lot.  A real lot.


Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn pictures before the accidentRyan Dunn was a professional.  You can be certain he had driven drunk 100x before this incident.  Speeding while intoxicated was second nature to him.  He accrued 23 driving citations throughout his life, 10 were for speeding and careless driving, and three more were for driving with a suspended license.  Among those, 90 percent of which ended in guilty pleas, was a 2005 DUI arrest.   On June 11, 2011 he crashed his Porsche 911 killing his 30 year old passenger as well as himself when they struck a tree.  He was driving 130-140 miles per hour.  He tweeted earlier in the night a picture while at Barnaby’s in West Chester and that he was drinking.  Final details came in that he had a .19 ABV which was twice the legal limit.  A quote by the manager Jim Obrien, “He didn’t seem to be intoxicated at the time he left,” O’Brien said. “Ryan was not a hardcore drinker, at least not when he was here.”  Bullshit.

Can't even tell it was a car.

Can’t even tell it was a car.

The other thing to consider was it more than just alcohol?  Pain killers, coke, or any other number of substances could come into play.  Stories are not created most of the time unless drugs are involved.  A man finishing his work day, having a drink from the bar, and then driving the speed limit home doesn’t make the headlines.  This story never becomes a story if drugs are not involved.  It puts the media in an incredibly awkward place because it is their job to report news, even when it is caused by their favorite, unsaid, form of  news, drugs.


Britney Spears

Baby-One-More-Time-britney-spears-4353597-640-480Britney Spears is a phenomenal example of someone who got it together and who the media stopped covering.  Baby Hit Me One More Time and the school girl outfit was every high school boy’s dream.  She was the girl counterpart to the Backstreet Boys in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.  Her early career hit a pinnacle and a few years later drugs started her downturn.  When a career blows up like this it’s impossible to prepare for it.  A Midwest girl all of a sudden is the most popular person on the planet and the world is at her fingertips.  Drugs get experimented with and next thing you know they become a way of life.  britney-shaving-2This causes irrational behavior like shaving your head and bizarre marriages and the media eats it up and makes money off it.

Who is actually worse in this scenario, the media covering it or the people buying the information?  I’d have to give equal blame to both.  A depressed girl gets caught up in drugs and eventually self destructs.  Does the media back off because drugs are carrying these stories?  I don’t think so.  They only report the behavior.  Major applause though to Britney.  I’m amazed she has been irrelevant for the last few years but I suppose that’s because she became boring and sober.

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The LiLo Demise

Lindsay Lohan has the notion of being famous for being famous. She isn’t a tremendous actor and hasn’t really had a great career. Aside from cute, little Lindsay in the Parent trap at age 11, and then a relatively good role in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, I haven’t seen her in anything. Important to note these roles were when she was most likely clean and had her head on straight pre 20 years old. In 2007, she racked up two DUI’s and numerous visits to rehab. She pretty much lost control and has been a Britney Spears train wreck ever since. Honestly, all Lindsay means to me is a double scoring word in Scattergories for things you throw away. HOWEVER, I do find one thing about her unbelievable. Her boobs are just so amazing. I just don’t really see where they come from. I know in Mean Girls she was full, figured near perfect 10, and then she turned to coke, got skinny in her anorexic days, but she still maintains these amazing boobs. Here are some pics of a transformation and I just assume implants but I have no idea.

She’s probably 20 or so in this and has a tight stomach, pretty face, nice rack. Just an awesome picture. (What is that leg btw?) It’s sad to see her turn into present day Lindsay.

Her complexion is scary, the hair is ugly, she seems like a coke whore but look at how big that tit is. I was just in disbelief when I saw this. TMZ had it up and this picture wasn’t enough to make me post this but then lightning strikes twice?

Look at the direction her boobs are going? They are huge and two nip shots in a week is just making me think that this is was she’s resorted to. This is what she’s become famous for, on purpose nip shots. She lost her Lindsay allure and it’s just sad to see it go. She’s just a good example of becoming famous, choosing drugs to cope with the enormous pressure put on her by the paparazzi and other factors of being famous. It really is sad. Also if anyone reads this and can answer whether I’m allowed to post pics from TMZ w/o their permission (even when this site doesn’t make a dime), I’m curious. And I’m sure you people think I’m a perv for making this post like this, but cmon, the effect of this post is much better this way instead of me picking normal pictures of her.

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