Limewire settled for 105 million

I thought this was pretty funny because Limewire’s business model was eerily similar to Napster, Kazaa, and Ares, all of which are now defunct. I read they were being sued originally for over a billion dollars so I guess they got off pretty good. Isn’t it fairly obvious that this is not a legal way of distributing music. Basically anytime I’m able to download music for free, I’m doing it illegally. Currently I’m using the youtube to mp3 which will eventually get sued and shutdown. If I were the music companies I would be upset too. They go to the all the trouble to produce music and then people find ways of acquiring it by paying nothing. At this point in my life I practically never pay for music unless there is a group I really like and I want to hear their entire album. Even so I could just download each one of their songs off of youtube and just burn it on a cd. My real question is how on Earth is limewire able to pay 105 million. That business model must be making way more money then I ever imagined.