“Ron, did you notice, maybe, you clipped me a little bit there”

Ck4 and I both agreed that this is the funniest commercial. I’m not sure if it’s the poor driving by the chimps, the guy uses the word “clipped” of that the monkey’s name is Ron. I just think the combination of things make this one a winner. Plus CareerBuilder in an economy like this is perfect for the target audience. I watched a few of the other ones but wasn’t really impressed. I remember thinking the Audi one with the escaping the mansion wasn’t bad. The Kia with the extraordinary journey was ok but in the end it’s still a KIA. As I’ve gotten older I actually remember the brands that are associated with these commercials even though, unless subliminally, I have no interest in anything they are selling. I still stick with the simpler is better and the ones that try to hard are bad. And why is everyone getting hit by things?

I’ve also noticed as I’ve gotten older that I know a ton more songs on the radio that I’m sick of. Like songs that I know are really good and I used to like a ton, I just can’t listen to. Everlong comes to mind. Popular 80’s songs like Maneater and Power of Love. Anything that is really popular, there’s a chance that I’ve listened to it frequently enough to know the chorus and have gotten sick of it. This even goes for pop songs like Firework and anything on the 20 on 20. I do want to introduce on of my favorite songs that I’ve come across. I’ve been raving about Anberlin and this cover of “like a rolling stone” is great. I’m not wild about Dylan’s version but this is just really well done and has a great sound to it.