Part 2 follow up

So I just had a nice think session while smoking a stogy and drinking a few beers. I rarely smoke tobacco and it gives me a different buzz than I’m used to so I do see why people get hooked. I’ve never smoked cigarettes but the occasional cigar from time to time is well worth it. While I was outside with my cigar and beers, Jill commented that I look like her grandpop. As I’ve gotten older, I find the television less entertaining and sitting outside by myself more productive. I honestly think a chair, a cigar, some beers, and a radio could keep me busy for hours on end. I think this puts you in old man status.

I just read a couple chapters from a book that gives some thoughts on interacting with humans which I think correlates well to what I posted earlier today. A couple of tidbits that I took out of the book that I’ll share with whoever reads this even though I’d prefer to not give away anything as it can damage my moves. The chapter is titled “Get anyone to like you.”

Like attracts like. When you speak to this person, talk about what you both enjoy and what you have in commonI’ll try to use an example. The hot bartender likes to ride horses. I don’t know jack shit other than win, place, and show. If we ever got together, I’d be attending events watching horses jump fences. Not really my cup of tea. I do think it’s going to be difficult though to find a girl who wants to bet on sports games and drink beer for hours on end. My like might be tougher to find.

You can spend all day trying to get her to like you and to think well of you, but it’s how you make her feel when she is around you that makes the difference I think this is a pretty good point and probably illustrates the downfalls of my approach. When I use my flattery technique at the bar it just comes off as a lame attempt at a complement. Whether I’m actually being sincere or not is another story. Generally my flattery approach is well intended. I don’t just spew false complements, I actually mean them when I say them (meaning if I tell a girl she’s pretty, I’m not lying but the ultimate goal probably over shadows the words). So this book is telling me to actually empathize and get on the girls level so you can understand them better. Now we have a problem. I’m not going to the bar to make friends, I’m going to have a good time. Conversation at this level is unattainable and detrimental to one night stands.

When you want to be seen as more likable, do something embarrassing and smile at yourself. If you read my brothers blog he actually touched on this and I fully agree. I’m not a machine and I do stupid things and the ability to realize them, shrug them off and move on is a good trait to have. I think this concept probably doesn’t have the same meaning as getting black out drunk and doing stupid things.

Look directly into the other person’s eyes when speaking and listening. This one is certainly not my forte. I’m going to make a Calvin and Hobbes reference here (I was searching for the exact comic strip but couldn’t find it on first look so this is how I remember it.) You stare directly at the space between their eyes, you give a few head nods, put your hand to your chin like they are saying something important and that’s all there is to it. I’ve never seen the merit of eye contact. I’ve wrote before that it kind of creeps me out. You stare directly at them, them at you like they are trying to enter your mind. I will do my best to experiment with this but no guarantees.

I know this book sounds like a complete homo book but it’s called “Get anyone to do anything” so it’s not like I went to the book store to buy a book on picking up girls or relationships. My intentions were to manipulate the people around me so I would always win. That’s not exactly true but more so on the latter than what I just commented on. I also hope people don’t read this and take it as my precise word. I’m pretty honest in this blog but I have to write things to make them interesting and not just plain jane boring bs. I think that this point gets misconstrued often and probably a reason there aren’t more blogs out there. This is done for entertainment and I’m certainly not the messiah. You’d be better off doing the opposite of what I write.