Kwame Time

Interesting night tonight. Jeff and I went to the Sixers game because we bought a 10 game plan through work and tonight was the first game. The seats are lower level in row 10 or so and were pretty good. I just want to explain the fascination with Kwame Brown so people understand. He’s bad. He’s actually terribly bad. He’s so bad I like him. I actually didn’t even realize how bad he was until I saw him tonight in person. He started the game *gasp* for some unknown reason and I can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. He has block hands, he’s slow, he doesn’t hustle, he doesn’t play defense, and his foul shooting is atrocious. He’s so interesting that it’s hard to define how he is on an NBA roster, let alone starts. He is the most amazing NBA player I’ve seen.

There was a little kid behind us and when the Pistons show a foul shot he’d scream “miss the first one.” Neither Jeff or I could put a finger on why this was so funny but I think it was a complete mind fuck. Why would anyone scream miss the first one? At halftime we walked around a bit and found the 2nd floor escalator. After wandering a bit and on our way down, a gentleman handed us 2 courtside tickets, CHA-CHING! Retail was 225 and we watched the entire second half from the second row. Unfortunately the game was a blow out but what are you going to do. We even saw Kyle Singler fly into us literally 2 seat away. It was pretty neat. So for a Wednesday night it was pretty entertaining.

I also have two random call outs to people who read this blog. Jordan Cohen messaged me on Facebook and exclaimed his approval of the video blogs so I’ll try to keep them coming. Gourlay also makes sure to put me in my place when I take pictures of the Sixers game and post them online. Both parties deserve blog mentions.