Tech Upgrade

As much as I’ve been resisting becoming technologically equipped, I purchased a Kindle Fire and a new webcam today. I had a business associate ask me what my Skype account was and obviously I didn’t have one. I decided if I were going to participate in 2012 I should have the ability to Skype if someone asks me too. While in BestBuy buying the Webcam I decided to check out the Fire and the Ipad2. After some questions with the tech guy (and finding out I can’t use either device outside effectively) I decided that the Fire better suited my needs. I have already purchased some books and am trying to get used to reading on a handheld electronic device. I also purchased the support (which I’m always against) for 2 years because if I break the device they will upgrade me to whatever is the newest version. I was pretty skeptical but I’m sure there will be something new in 2 years and I’ll just break my Fire and get whatever is new for 50 bucks. I’m sure there are some loopholes but I’m happy to battle corporate America on this deal because I have no clue what my 50 dollars is really buying. I also ruined the sticky surface that is supposed to protect the screen during the installation. They charge 25 bucks for it and I had no idea how to put it on properly so I ended up getting all this text stuck to it and it was a disaster. We’ll see how easy they are to send me a new one.

If anyone was wondering why I chose the Fire over the Ipad I’ll give my quick run through. #1 – I don’t find myself supporting Apple and their brainwashing. #2 – The IPad was priced much higher especially when a plan is required to use. A big turn off for me considering I have no Iproducts #3 – The main reason the employee was telling me is I have a greater selection of Apps. Am I 12 years old? I don’t need Apps. I find other ways of entertaining myself like books. I’m not sitting there flicking a football through a goalpost. So that was why I decided on the Fire and so far it seems fine. The ease of purchasing through Amazon is going to get pricey if I don’t be careful but I have my credit card all set up so I’m set to begin with. I’m sure this is what people who use the Ipad feel about ITunes. I’m sure I’ll have more to write about once I use the product more.