Kildare’s Manayunk

Being a person who generally likes bars I wanted to take the time to go over a few things about a bar that is growing on me. If you read my earlier reviews of Manayunk Bars found here you’d see I made some suggestions to spruce up Kildare’s mainly being better specials and finer interior. They offer an everyday 5-7 half off appetizer’s which is finally a good special. I’m not wild about the food but it’s not overly expensive and I feel like it’s more sanitary than the Bayou or Manayunk Tavern. Ck4 said he got sick from the mussels which they serve with a beer sauce that I find pretty good and they are on special Wednesday’s too. Although the ever looming question “where’s the ocean?” is still in tact.

I still don’t think they offer cheap enough standard light beer during early hours but on Wednesday’s they have a 3 dollar rotating tap that I’ve come to enjoy thoroughly. Basically if you like different kinds of beer from all over, they will pour you a pint for 3 dollars and you can’t beat a Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale for 3 bucks. It’s 8% abv which means you are getting 2.5 coors lights cans for 3 bucks which is actually a special. They also have about 10 other beers on tap from brewers like Magic Hat, Boulder, Flying Dog, and Great Lakes (another personal fave). If you get there early the crowd isn’t huge but gets better as the night progresses. I find the bartenders to be good people with Jake and Julie being my go-to’s. I still have a problem with 9 dollar double rum and cokes because it’s just pure greed on management’s part which is fine for someone who orders one and that’s enough for the night but for the real alcoholic I can run up quite a bill which just undermines any tip I would generously leave.

I’ve never understood the way they have the bar set up with some weird dividers. I feel isolated from the crowd depending on where I’m sitting. Plus the wide serving areas that bartenders have to cover is unusual if there are a lot of people and not enough bartenders. I’ve always felt a bar that moves in a square is the best way to serve everyone effectively. Like a U shape with bartenders in the middle. The sit down area is also not for me but I guess when people want to take a date there it’s ok. I just wanted to chime in with a few thoughts on this particular bar because I’m “in the biz.”