I’m Going to Fucking Kill You!

If you watch ESPN you’ve probably seen the below video of Kevin Stalling’s upset at his player:

When I first saw this video I only saw this part. I wasn’t aware that the coach’s player was previously clapping in the face of his opponent who they just beat as a method of taunting. This behavior from a player is out of line and makes it look as though the coach is doing a poor job developing his team’s sportsmanship. I understand why the coach was irate.

funny-kevin-stallings-picturesHOWEVER…you can’t use the word “kill”. Although I also feel the word “whip” would also have been looked poorly upon. The politically correct way would have been, “I’m very mad at you right now.”

The word “fucking” caught my eye in this exchange. If he didn’t say fucking would it still been as bad. “I’m going to kill you.” I guess it would. My sense is that people actually react to the word fuck in this back and forth. It wouldn’t be as bad if he wasn’t cursing. Cursing. Curse words. What the fuck!

The definition of a curse word is obscure. In its more literal sense, the term “profanity” specifically refers to “offensive words, or religious words, used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things.” Words that god does not look highly upon. Fucking or sex. Shit or poop. Cock or penis. Pussy or vagina. It makes no difference which one I say. There’s no reason fuck should be a curse word and sex shouldn’t be. Yet for a bizarre reason our society spazzes out over curse words.

swear wordsPerhaps I’m wrong though and this whole ordeal was because Stallings said he was going to kill him. A further look at this part though would lead to a situation where the killer wouldn’t be the brightest or maybe he is a diabolical mastermind. There would be no reason to expect that Stallings was actually going to kill him, It’s called a figure of speech.

After further review, my initial, out of context, reaction was the coach should be fired but after analyzing the situation, I believe he made the right move by apologizing and life will move on. Here is what the player thought: