How Hot is Kesha?

This is good title because it’s like I’m asking how hot is she knowing she’s hot or it’s asking if she’s even hot? I honestly never have thought of Kesha as an attractive female. She always came off as sort of butch, gross, and almost ugly. After seeing her in the American Girl video, I started reconsidering my position. I went to Google images and started viewing some past photos and I think I’ve made a complete 180. I may go as far as saying she’s incredibly enchanting. The wild makeup and tiger face make me think she’s probably a freak in the bedroom which adds to her allure. I think the way she talks and sings is also kind of luring. I’ll even go as far to say some of her music is catchy and listenable. Here are few pictures and you can decide for yourself. Poll below

Some of her finer photos

Some of her comely pics

How Hot is Kesha?

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Hurricane Sandy in Philly

I’m happy to say that I suffered no negative effects from Sandy aside from UPS not picking up our packages going out the door yesterday and today. The power stayed on all last night and the 200 year old building on Vine St had virtually no damage except for a single pane of plexi-glass falling out of a window. Comparing this to the horrendous disaster that New Jersey and New York saw, I was very lucky. For all the hype of Sandy, I saw no action and it seemed ridiculously weak. Some businesses were closed today but that was about it.

Since I have nothing left to write about the hurricane, I’m going to note some albums I’ve been listening to on Spotify. Recent releases (within the last few months) that I’ve been listening to are Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Anberlin, The Killers and Passion Pit. I still can’t figure out why more people aren’t using Spotify but I’m going to let that one go in this post. These albums are all decent but certainly not off the charts. The Killers would win in terms of listenability but I haven’t really spent enough time hearing them all. Still, I wanted to share what I’ve been listening to for anyone interested. Oh, and I’ve been listening to this Kesha song a lot…

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