Kendra Sunderland Favorited My Tweet!

kendra-sunderland-pizzaI know what you’re thinking, who cares when a 19 year old amateur porn star favorites your tweet. Normally I’d agree but you’re seeing a meteoric rise in popularity simply by masturbating in a public library. It’s unheard of. Up to 40.7k Twitter followers. That’s a 7k increase in less than 7 hours. I can’t even get 7 extra followers in 7 months.  It also shows the amazing power of Twitter because by favoriting that tweet, Kendra Sunderland immediately moves up my list of hot girls due to interaction. 

I wasn’t joking around on that tweet either.  If I was getting that kind of attention for beating off in a bathroom I’d be crawled up in the fetal position in bed waiting for everything to blow over. However, she’s tweeting out that if she gets 1,000 re-tweets she’ll post naked tweets. She’s taking the bull by the horns and running with her 15 minutes of fame. The only mistake she made was issuing a sex tape before she got famous. That would have brought in millions. She’ll have an agent in no time. 


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Kendra Sunderland’s NSFW Library Video

Kendra Sunderland at Oregon State studying for a breast exam.

Kendra Sunderland at Oregon State studying for a breast exam.

NSFW video found here. Best report of the story found here.

This story starts like all good stories start, with a big breasted blonde girl alone in a library at Oregon State University.   She’s an amateur cam girl who made a video that got uploaded to Pornhub and here we sit with Kendra being threatened with jail time.

Sultry Kendra Sunderland

Sultry Kendra Sunderland

The video is pretty boring.  If you watch 1 minute, you’ve watched all 30.  Talk about a springboard though.  I think she’s hot and it’ll only be a matter of time before hot girls start stripping in courtrooms and pre-schools.

I started following her on Twitter and she now has 33k followers.  I would not be surprised to see her hit 6 figures.  Authorities are talking 11k in fines. She’ll be a millionaire by the time everything clears up.

Not to mention she’s breaking the internet with #library girl.

What did this girl do wrong? At 20:15 she starts “masturbating” and it lasts about 30 seconds. Throw her in the jail! Today she truly became an Oregon State Beaver! I actually read she doesn’t even go to the school anymore. As I did my “research” for this post, she’s a bona fide pornstar.

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