6 “So Hot Right Now” Female Celebs – Part 2

I came across these Katy Perry Golden Globes pictures and it moved me enough to create this type of post again. Part 1 of “So Hot Right Now” generates some of my best blog traffic so I may as well go back to what works. I also noticed I tended to pic girls who were older than the 21, Selena Gomez crowd which shows my affection for women my age.

6. Natalie Dormer

The picture comparing Natalie Dormer with Lola Bunny is classic.  The top comment from that picture is, “childhood boner meet adult boner”. Natalie also knocks it out of the park with her role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Awaiting her to get naked is always worth it. Her piercing eyes are what set her apart from others.  The shaved head look isn’t bad either and I was surprised to see she was 33.

Natalie Dormer as Lola Bunny


5. Lindsay Czarniak

This might only be me but I love listening to Lindsay report. She was a bit older than I thought at 38 but looks youthful. I’m attracted to her because not only is she good looking, but she has earned the respect of guys like Kornheiser and Wilbon. She does a good job in the difficult sports arena run by chauvinistic men.

4. Scarlett Johansson

She fills out the pictures if you catch my drift. She’s 10/10 body for me and an 8 face. The only movies that I can remember that I’ve seen her in are The Prestige (she looked great), Her (just her voice) and Don Jon (where I though she sucked and the movie sucked too as a whole so it may not have been entirely her fault). Looks fabulous for 31. The swimsuit pic is one of my all-time favorites.

3. Taylor Swift

This is actually not the look I go for but am including it for the sake of presenting a different body than the huge boobed girls I usually trend to. She’s tall, rail thin, and has an elegant look to her face. I know she got a boob job whether she admits it or not. There is also a sexiness factor to females who can sing and dance. As much as she doesn’t fit my bill, I understand how others love her.


2. Katy Perry

I’ve had her countless times in my post so I’m really only using her to show her Golden Globes dress which wasn’t quite as high up as the green Grammy dress but still not bad. She seems to be staying out of the headlines or maybe she’s just not finding the ones I’m searching for. Not having her #1 is a change for me but these times are a changin.



1. Sara Jean Underwood

She’s a strong case for hottest woman on the planet. Perfect proportions. Her boobs are big but not too big. Her body is tight and her pictures on Instagram knock it out of the park every time. Only 2.4 million Instagram followers so I’m not alone in this hot take. I’m a strong proponent of her naked yoga (100% NSFW) if you’ve never see it. Perfect 10.

Sara Jean Hot Gif

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Taylor and Katy Have Bad Blood

katy-perry-taylor-swiftI was in my car listening to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift when I started considering the song’s lyrics and how it’s a response to the feud she is having with Katy Perry.

My younger self would have said, “Taylor hates the bitch because Katy hired some of her crew during a tour in an attempt to sabotage it and Taylor wrote a song about her”, and I would have left it at that.  As I’ve gotten older I tend to ask more questions about the reasoning behind why artists do what they do and how this is probably just a ploy to get more listens.  Then I thought, why the fuck am I thinking about this and why do I care?


Why Do I Care About Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

Taylor and KatyI know neither of them personally and I don’t listen to their music that often, however, I’m fascinated by the lyrics to this song and their meaning.  Does Katy really live with ghosts?  Was there ever really mad love?  What were the exact bullet holes?

The brain power behind labeling it as a response to their “bad blood” is the genius behind the promoters for Taylor Swift. They are getting me to care about this feud even though I shouldn’t. Why are celebrities put on a pedestal where we (the plebeians) care about their every move?

It must be the connection we have to their music.  The opening lyric to Teenage Dream is “You think I’m pretty, without any make up on.” (girls crave for this line)  Shake it Off (a song about not letting what other people say get you down) has 1 BILLION YouTube views.  BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK!!!!!! (another up-lifter and no I’ve never felt like a plastic bag).  These all relate to human emotion in a very general sense which is why it is felt by so many people and why they have the power they do.


Back To My Car

You'll always have my heart.

You’ll always have my heart.

So now I’m back in my car thinking about all of this while Bad Blood is playing .  Why do I care about Katy Perry and find her magnificent breasts magnetic (why are these words so close?).   Why do I think Taylor Swift is a complete bitch for not letting her music go on Spotify?  Why do I wonder why there is Bad Blood when the answer to this question has precisely 0 meaning in my life.  I honestly don’t know.

This post started with no conclusion and I muddled through it with various observations but no meaning.  This is why I’m a two bit blogger.  I start a post with no end in sight other than the opportunity to post hot pictures of Katy Perry and to make some points about a feud.  Oh well.


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The Favorite to Tweet Ratio

Twitter-StarFavoriting a tweet is a nice way of giving a thumbs up to what you like. You can favorite tweets that are in your feed or favorite tweets that are sent directly at you. Getting a tweet favorited by the person you send it to is a huge overlooked element to why Twitter is popular. What is shows is that the person actually interacts with you which makes you feel special. Feeling special has an earthly aura that is indescribable except using the words earthly aura. I’ve taken 7 personalities ranging from various industries and broke down their interaction with their fans by creating a Favorite to Tweet ratio.


The Twitter Personalities

Howard Stern – King of All Media aka @howardstern
Joined February 2011 – 5,179 Favorites, 2,756 Tweets

Howard Stern Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 1.87.  This is pretty interactive considering how busy his day must be.  The key to Howard’s success is his interaction with his fan base and this shows some dedication to staying involved.  I have a feeling someone helps maintain his account because with America’s Got Talent and all the people that rely on him, I don’t think Tweeting is his top priorty.  I would tweet a lot too though if I had 1.57 million followers.  When Howard Tweets, people listen.


Madison Ivy – Queen of the Nude Selfie aka @madison420ivy
Joined October 2009 –  3,423 Favorites,   4,800 Tweets

Madison Ivy Twitter
Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .71 – A pornstar should interact with the people that masturbate to them.  She tweets mostly pictures of her naked or smoking weed which is pretty sinful but I enjoy it because she’s truly being herself.  I’ve followed some pornstars in the past and usually unfollow them for lack of interest but she keeps me up, to date.


Katy Perry – Queen of the Katy Cats aka @katyperry
Joined February 2009 – 855 Favorites, 5,990 Tweets

Katy Perry Twitter
Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .14    The thing with Katy is that she doesn’t need Twitter.  She performs in front of 30,000 people on a nightly basis which is about as interactive as it gets.  This low ratio shows she is all about self promotion but she’s doing it to interact.  She seems to be a good person with her philanthropy and I read her article in Rolling Stone and she seems all there.  I find her Twitter game pretty bad and rarely see anything out of her feed that I like. Her Instagram account though is another story.


Jim Cramer – Mad Money aka @jimcramer
Joined March 2008 – 3,521 Favorites, 44.7k Tweets

Jim Cramer Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .08    Cramer joined Twitter earlier than anyone else on this list which shows his advanced thinking towards technology.  His ratio is a very deceptive number because Cramer’s tweets are actually all about helping people invest.  Technically, his Tweets should also be counted towards his favorites.   He is a human being who has embraced Twitter as a means of connection and more power to him because he understands the potential it has.


Johnny Manziel – Johnny Football aka @JManziel2
Joined July 2011 – 701 Favorites, 3,724 Tweets

Manziel Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – .18  I’d perceive Johnny as egotistical as they come and this number is actually much higher than I’d think it would be.  The fact that he favorites anything surprises me.  If you aren’t on the money team, you aren’t qualified to hang with Johnny.  I just started following him so my sample size is small but I’d guess he tweets about himself and hanging with other famous people.


McKayla Maroney – Ms. Not Impressed aka @mckaylamaroney
Joined September 2011  9,485 Favorites, 4,515 Tweets

McKayla Maroney Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 2.1  If you follow McKayla on Twitter you’d know there is a buzz about her intentions.  Some argue she knows she’s gorgeous and plays coy for the camera and others say she is just a kid.  The one thing undeniable are her pictures are steaming.  She’s also on the younger side so she is more with how the younger generation tweets.  This amazing 2.1x favorite to tweet ratio is tremendous interaction with fans and I think she pretty much embraces celebrity status without even trying that hard.


Jonah Hill – Mr. “Suck My Dick, Faggot” aka @jonahhill
Joined February 2011 –  1 Favorite, 1,587 Tweets

Jonah Hill Twitter

Favorite to Tweet Ratio – 6.3 e-4  Not much to say on the worst ratio in the history of Twitter (this is unverified but has to be close).  I’ve heard interviews with him on Howard Stern and how he says he comes off the wrong way in the media.  He does seem like a genuinely good guy but it’s hard to look past the favorite number.  He either doesn’t care about other people or is doing it on purpose.  Probably the latter but I’m unsure of the reason.  Maybe I’ll tweet at him and get it favorited!




Everyone likes having their tweets favorited and it shows something about your character how often you do it.  Any ratio that gets to be 1:1 is phenomenal.  It shows you tweet as much as you interact which is probably ideal.  Anything above that starts entering the you favorite everything category which means the favorite starts to lose meaning.  Anything under means you are selfish or don’t like anything.  Just kidding, it just means you don’t know the power of the favorite.  My 52 favorites to 793 tweets is pretty pathetic for someone spear heading a ratio but until I had someone else favorite my tweet in recent days, I didn’t understand.  Now you do.  If you read this post and like it, how about a comment or a follow.   Interaction takes the cake.

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Who Listens to this Shit?

Taylor Swifts Vagina

Taylor Swift Camel Toe

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
The song is about the media getting on her shit and her shaking it off. The second verse speaks to her doing her own thing and the critics don’t see that. Wild dance moves try to distract from the terrible song. That’s seriously all the substance to the song. Don’t worry, it’ll be listened to by millions of fans and brainwash everyone.  I forgot to add a picture of Taylor Swift’s camel toe for SEO.


Katy Perry – This Is How We Do
Do what? I listened to the whole song and still have no idea what we are actually doing. A few of the lyrics:
Playing ping pong all night long, everything’s all neon and hazy – I find no double entendre here so we just play ping pong
This is how we do, yeah, chilling, laid back – This is pretty much not doing
Day drinking at the Wildcats, sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-oke – I’ve heard this lame joke before but can’t put my finger on it
This goes out to all you people going to bed with a ten and waking up with a two – Odd lyric.



What You Should Be Listening To

I understand people have their own preference of music and it’s wrong to judge but these songs are so far ahead of that pop that it’s not even close.  Follow my AltNation playlist for the most up to date alternative.

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6 “So Hot Right Now” Female Celebs

The female celeb game is constantly changing.  Relevancy is a huge part of whether a celeb is hot right now and it’s almost impossible to always stay popular.  That’s why I’ve scoured the net to find the 6 celebrities who has Mugatu astutely puts it is, “so hot right now.”  You can click on the gallery pics for an enhanced view.

6. Christina Hendricks – I know that a woman is hot when I don’t watch, or have even seen, the show and I’m aware of her existence. Her breasts are amazing. They could be the 2 best boobs on the planet (I’d actually vote for Lucy Pinder). Either way, her red hair makes her unique and the fact that her boobs are as big as her head just inflate her ranking.

Christina Hendricks getting laid


5 . Emma Watson – I’m always torn on Emma Watson. In some pictures she looks so bland that I’m not sure what people see in her. Then I see her in some of these pictures and she is kind of hypnotizing. She was pretty good in This is the End and I see how she steals the show on the big screen (I’ve never watched a Harry Potter). She wins the entire nerd class and is their queen.  She will be huge for years to come.

Emma Watson Hot Gif


4. Selena Gomez – I’m not a huge Selena fan but she’s a natural beauty. With the Disney background and attachment to Bieber, she is held up on a pedestal for being hot and mediocre. I see her looks fading over time but in the present day, she would probably win in terms of best looking overall.  That face / body combo is just killer.



3. Mckayla Maroney – Just turned 18 and is a dual threat with a gold medal in the vault and the All-American beauty look. She’s still a child and acts pretty much like a child from what I can tell from her social media. The fact that she is constantly blowing up her instagrams with haymakers (give Pres the credit) on a regular basis makes me wonder how she puts up with the comments these pictures generate.  To be the best in the world at something and have these looks, it isn’t fair.


2. Kaley Cuoco – She is on one of the top shows and all eyes are on her. Big Bang added a few hot chicks to try to steal the spotlight and Kaley still shines through. She’s branched off into commercials and I’m sure we’ll see her in more movies in the near future. Her look is beautiful and her body is slamming. It’s a shame she recently got married.



Incredible Gif

Incredible Gif


1. Katy Perry – My number 1 and the web’s clear #1. She is the total package. Her music is consistently topping the charts, she is selling out concerts, she does charitable work, and is idolized by millions of kids. Her 2 weapons are always armed and she utilizes them perfectly. She is on top right now and a clear cut winner. It’s lonely at the top.



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Rate the Katy Perry Shop

Some color changes to a Katy Perry picture

Some color changes to a Katy Perry picture

I’m sure people who view this web site regularly will think it’s pretty weird that I use Katy Perry in my Photoshop attempts but you have to understand that I have to practice to get better and she serves as a good model. Combine this with the idea that she probably gets searched more than anyone beside Gaga and Rihanna and this gives me hope for an influx of traffic. This would actually be a tad bit incorrect thinking based on past results and the incredible traffic I received from Brandi Passante a few years back. That traffic hit me because there weren’t a lot of other pictures in cyberspace about Brandi. Katy Perry probably has millions which would leave anything I do in the depths. Nevertheless, I still have to continue practicing and she works out fine. Call me a creep, I don’t mind. This was actually two backgrounds combined which is more advanced than what I was doing before. Give me another month and I’ll start producing some finer work.

Messing around with Photoshop and using Katy Perry as my model.

Messing around with Photoshop and using Katy Perry as my model.

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Would I Still Love Katy Perry If…

…she didn’t have 2 great breasts? I’ve thought about this long and hard, ok, short and hard, and have come to the conclusion the answer is… not nearly as much as I do. My interest level wouldn’t be as high and I sat here for 3 minutes straight trying to write this sentence and can’t think of a better reason than a male attraction to female breasts. They are only flesh but hers are perfect. She’s had to have had a boob job and the doctors made them expertly rounded and on the large side. They are not abnormally large though, bigger than average, but not back hurting. She props them up in outfits wonderfully which I’ll document shortly.

I just roared all over my computer screen.

I just roared all over my computer screen.

I saw this page on Yahoo which allowed me to preview the album and after hearing the first song a thought popped in my mind, what the hell am I doing listening to Katy Perry? It’s not like I think her music is amazing but I’ve developed this infatuation with her and I’m fairly certain it’s purely because of her rack. She’s obviously attractive but if she was flat as a surf board, I wouldn’t listen to any of her music. Her target demographic isn’t 30 year old males yet I’m currently previewing her music. Is there anything more to this borderline creep mode?

The only thing I can think of is her success which could add to total attractiveness. Do you realize how many mega hits she’s had over the past years? “I Kissed a Girl”, “Hot n Cold”, “Thinking of You”, “Waking Up in Vegas”, “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Firework”, “E.T.”, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”, “Part of Me”, “Wide Awake”, and “Roar”. That’s 12 songs that have all gotten major radio play and I don’t think there’s anyone hotter right now in the music industry. With her new album Prism dropping on the 22nd it’s going to be Katy’s world over these next few months and the radio station will play everything. Anything she does is scrutinized and she constantly delivers. Is she talented? Obviously. Millions of teenage girls worship her. I just add to the list.

Which brings me back to her 2 golden eggs. Without them I don’t think I’d be making this post. Her music isn’t what draws me to her. I don’t usually find black hair females all that attractive, yet, she scores an 11 with me and this gallery will be all the reasoning I need for this post. I plan on tweeting this to her as well so I expect some re-tweets. Tell me I’m not alone here and that this post is coming off as stalkerish?

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Miley’s Definitely a Wrecking Ball

How could I not blog about the new Miley Cryus Video? The video set a new record with 44 million views in a 24 hour period on Youtube. Not to mention the 72 million views it’s acquired in a 4 day period. To make matters better/worse, it has 600,000 likes to 300,000 dislikes which has to be close to a record of dislikes for a video. The video itself also symbolizes everything that is right/wrong with our society.

I think a good comparison to this video is Katy Perry’s Roar which was released a mere 8 days ago.

Katy has “only” had 55 million views but a remarkable 668,000 likes compared to only 38,000 dislikes. The two videos are remarkably different and the results will speak for themselves. In one corner you have Miley slutting it up in Wrecking Ball compared to a gorgeous, inspiring Perry singing a mediocre song. Two complete polar opposites competing for market share. After the whorish VMA performance , she followed up with an equally whorish video of licking a sledge hammer and straddling a wrecking ball wearing virtually nothing at all. Katy used her pristine, uplifting image to produce another hit and well produced video to add to her arsenal. What do we make of all this?

All things considered, Miley’s video wouldn’t even have made it to the airwaves 10 years ago so to see a naked 20 year old hanging from a wrecking ball singing is a bit shocking. She comments on the video, “if people can take their minds off the obvious and go into their imagination and see what the video really means, it is so vulnerable. … If you look at my eyes, I look more sad than actually my voice sounds on the record. It was a lot harder to actually do the video than it was to even record the song. It was much more of an emotional experience.” Right. Please click the right link for full effect.

I’m sorry but any time you perform dressed as a whore, people are going to treat you like one. There are no messages that come out of a whore’s mouth other than how to stay away from STD’s. She has gone off the deep end with this video and it does seem like a cry for attention which has been whisked away due to being forced into a demographic that has a mind that can comprehend something other than a Disney skit. Even so, Miley made “the Climb” to the fastest/most viewed video of all time and that is a GRAND GRAND GRAND accomplishment. There is no sarcasm whatsoever in that last statement because that task is nearly impossible for the average person. What she’s done is concentrated on negative/wacky antics that create publicity and people actually care if she were to take a shit. She’s grown to a height that is unapproachable to nearly everyone. Whether that is her goal, I’m not sure but it’s still pretty impressive. Lesson to take out of it, America loves a slut.

I’m not even sure it’s worth going into Roar as I think it’s secondary but she looks damn good from 2:15 on. The video probably cost a fortune to produce but I’m sure it was well spent.

Miley getting used to hanging balls.

Miley getting used to hanging balls.

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A Roaring Applause – Gaga vs Katy

Gaga-Perry Mix

Along with Taylor Swift and Rihanna, there are not 2 more popular pop stars than Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Being perfectly honest, I have no problem with either of their music. I’m sure your typical adult macho male would say you play for the other team if you enjoy their music. My thoughts are that not only are they talented but they work with some of the strongest people in the industry and if they can’t produce decent music with that team, there is something wrong. I’ll fully admit the lyrics of these songs are borderline bad but simple lends itself to the people. The masses need a catchy hook and lyrics that they can relate to. Both of these artists do this wonderfully. I think it’s worth a look to break down the latest singles from each artist and give my opinion.

Applause and Roar both came out the same week and serve as a good comparison. To date, Applause has 44 million views on youtube compared to 34 million for Roar. The official videos haven’t been released but those stats are from the 1st search result. Gaga’s applause has 8 million listens on Spotify and Roar has gotten 9 million. Perry has about 1 million more followers on Spotify. I’d say that it’s difficult to pick a clear cut winner of the two comparing listens. Even their Twitter stats are remarkably close with Gaga having 42 million and Perry with 40. Taylor Swift has amassed 33 while Rhianna has 30 to put things in perspective of how big these two women are. Judging by the stats, this battle is too close to call. The more important indicator is how good is the actual song.

The one separator for me is how long it takes me to get sick of the song. For me this is easy, I give Applause a clear nod. The beat is better and I find the lyrics to be clever. I like the idea of “I live on the applause” because it gets the fans feeling good about what they are doing. Perry’s Roar is a Sara Bareilles knock off of Brave. I don’t detract this from her song but I’m tired of the empowerment schtick. “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR.” Same shit as Firework. I think I listened to it total of 3 times and have no interest to hear it again. The beat dropping on Applause makes the song head and shoulders above Roar. It’s more upbeat and a better song in whole. In a close battle between two mega stars, Gaga wins this round.

I think we have to give Katy a big advantage in the sex appeal though. 2 big reasons specifically. I actually don’t like black hair woman but I’m enamored with Katy. Gaga does absolutely nothing for me. I do find her eccentric behavior refreshing though because she knows exactly what’s she doing by being so bizarre.

Gaga and Katy W/O Makeup

Solid 6

Solid 6

Touched Up

Makeup makes a difference.

Makeup makes a difference.

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Katy Perry – Roar

It must be nice to have this type of network. With already 21,000+ likes and lord only knows how many more within the first couple hours it’s dropped, this is popularity at it’s finest. The video is creative and well done which you’d obviously expect from someone who has the smartest and most talented people working on your team. The song is pretty generic but I’m sure you’ll hear it 100 times in the next week.

I'm underneath her.

I’m underneath her.

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