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So I had a Suri Cruise experience with Kacey Jordan and Howard Stern and had about 30+ people coming from search engines yesterday. What I can’t figure out is that they all just bounce immediately after they click. Like they search for that specific topic, find a site writing about it, and then decide the information is irrelevant and click off. How can I develop traffic if people find what they are looking for and don’t even give it a chance. One thing is obviously evident though, write about juicy current events, put a title that nails some keywords and google will sent people your way. How to get them to stay is a different story. I think I probably need something really unique that no one else has like nude pics of a celeb. Rather than sell the pics, I would just post them on my blog and start making it big that way. Now considering I’ve never used a professional camera and have no interest in stalking celebs, this isn’t a feasible approach. However I do find it interesting that being current is what will get google to drive traffic. So more posts on current events might start creeping up.

A hilarious thing happened to me at the basketball game on Tuesday. When I was sitting on the bench early on I glanced behind me and saw this kid sitting on the bleachers behind us. He only barely caught my eye but I didn’t recognize who it was. After a few minutes and a timeout was called and I noticed it was Jordan Cohen. I haven’t seen him since the summer and it’s not even that he’s changed that much but I just completely spaced. I throw it up to puberty but I was honestly guessing when I was like “Jordan”? The Rock said something to me that I pretty much never forget, he said “I don’t ever really notice me aging because I’m always looking at myself on a daily basis.” I’ve never really noticed myself aging either. At 27 I feel like I look the same as I did when I was 18. I’ve gained about 40 pounds of muscle but facially I can’t tell that much of a difference. I can grow better facial hair now and have a scar on my lip but no funky hairstyles or any major differences. I wonder what age it will be when I look at the mirror and say “Shit, I’m old.” I easily think I pass for 23 but when I turn, 30 I guess I have to hope I pass for 27. I think this is such an advantage that guys have over girls. When I’m creeping on Facebook and see some college girls I can tell instantly that these girls are young. With me being 27, I notice the age difference in a 19 year old college girl. But I would wonder if a 19 year old would look at me and think I could pass as a college senior. I think as long as you stay in good physical shape, you will benefit from this aging process.

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Kacey Jordan on Howard Stern

For all you poor bastards who are too cheap to pay for Sirius, Howard Stern had Kacey Jordan on and had a really good interview. If you live in a cave or have no interest in Celebrity lifestyles, then you haven’t heard anything about the bender Charlie Sheen has been on. He pretty much is a raging drunk who smokes coke and likes to bang pornstars. Kacey Jordan, in pretty pathetic fashion in my opinion, took her story to the press and is now going to get famous from it. I find it sickening that she’d expose Sheen like this considering he just gave her 30,000! dollars for banging him for one night. The story she told was that she just got done a porn shoot and went over to his house. He focused on her completely even though there were other “whores” there. She said she could out drink him, which he quickly proved otherwise, and then they sat together and watched porn while he was smoking coke. She said that he doesn’t have real teeth because they’ve fallen out due to drug use. Then she said that he banged her and only lasted a few minutes and she was amazed he could even keep it up after being so fucked up. Other notes were that he went down on her with no questions asked which, with her being a pornstar, seems like a risky move on Sheen’s part. He wrote here a check for 30k and she went to the bank a few hours later and cashed it. The story was leaked, presumably by her sister, and now she’s selling out and making a name for herself.

I find Sheen to be one amusing character. He’s supposedly worth 380 million dollars and is rumored to have paid half a million for coke and hookers last year. He buys these pornstars Bentley’s and throws money around likes it’s going out of style. I like how he bangs the hottest pornstars too and not just random hookers. Two examples were Jordan Capri and Bree Olson, and both are huge whores, but both sluttingly hot. The drug use is a little scary as he’s rumored to go on 5 day alcohol, coke induced binges which can’t be healthy. And what’s the most amazing part? They pay him 1.8 million dollars per episode. How the hell does he memorize his lines and still do a good job with all the partying. I spend two days drinking and think I’m going to die of dehydration. This guy spends 5 days banging pornstars and doing coke and he’s able to be the biggest Male Actor on TV. What am I doing wrong here? I honestly envy the guy for what he’s able to pull off. He’s banging 22 year olds, making millions, and even though he’s probably depressed from the drugs, he certainly is getting the most he can out of life. It may not be the most fulfilling but don’t forget he’s 45 and has already done the wife and kids. His wife was Denise “awesome scene in Wild Things” Richards. This guy is really a wild man. A good example of this guy during his heyday:

“In 1990, Sheen accidentally shot his then-fiancee, Kelly Preston, in the arm, after which she ended the relationship.” – Sounds like she needed a shot in the arm to get her going…

I find the whole celebrity life to be overdone with all the programs and attention given to these people but Charlie Sheen is truly a beast and deserves it all. Lets not forget this guy was in great movies like Wall Street, Platoon and Major League. I just looked through his list and those were the only good ones I recognized so maybe he’s not all that great of an actor, but he’s pretty funny on Two and a Half Men. I like him his style.

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