Where’d they go? part 1

Similar to a VH1 where are they now, I’ve picked a few people who I think disappeared off the face of the earth. These are obviously talented people once in the limelight but decided to fade off either due to personal choice or lack of fame.


I specifically remember playing syphon filter in my basement and listening to 400 degreez from start to finish. “Ha” and “Back that azz up” were the marquee songs from the CD but it was all in all a good cd. He was part of Cash Money which spawned Lil Wayne. If you listened to any of Lil Wayne’s old stuff during this late 90’s era you would be amazed and what’s he’s warped into. My guess is Juvenile could be found in prison nowadays. * I just wikipedia’d him and “He was arrested again in February 2010 in New Orleans when police found him in possession of marijuana.” He’s out on bail though so he’s still roaming the streets on misdemeanor charges.

Shawn Bradley

7-6 and the #2 draft pick of 1993. Bottomline, he was a white stiff. Drafting people from BYU at #2 just doesn’t seem like a good plan (Danny Ainge, Thurl Bailey, and Tom Chambers were the other best). He played 12 seasons in the nba and avg 8 points a game and 2.5 blocks to go along with 6 boards. Over a season I don’t think you can say that this is what you expect out of a # 2 pick. He shot 10% from the arc for his career (4-39). Complete dud draft pick by the 76ers. My guess is he’s living comfortably and he invested his money wisely because he is from a good background with good morals.

Magoo from Timbaland and Magoo
I googled him and could find nothing. I remember when the duo had clock strikes and luv to luv you but Magoo has fallen off the earth while Timbaland has rose to stardom. I wonder how the friendship ended? Timbaland probably told him to get off my back, you’re holding me down. His song is being played all over the radio if you haven’t heard it.

Ja Rule

I owned his first CD Venni Vetti Vicci and I remember it being a great cd. This was before he completely sold out and started doing duets with Jennifer Lopez and Christina Milan. I remember him having feuds with Dr Dre and Eminem and he wasn’t exactly on their gansta rap level. I wikipedia’d him and was pretty impressed with his list of movies and albums. He must have made a lot of money in his day that it allowed him to live freely and out of the public’s eye. This guy pretty much hit it and quit it and now he’s doing whatever he wants.


I think he was only part of the Duck Tales animation and never really made his way to other spin offs. He was kind of a brainless dufus and was always hanging around Huey, Dewey, and Louie and trying to help out. I’m a bit surprised he never got his career going enough to get out of this Duck Tales world and go on to star in his own show. I always thought he had the talent but maybe just not the appeal. Maybe he wasn’t driven to success. This was written because if you actually you knew about Launchpad McQuack you probably would have never thought about him for the rest of your life if you hadn’t read this entry.