Really, Just, and Actually


These words can almost always be omitted. I find myself writing one of these words and then ask myself, “does this sentence sound the same if I didn’t include them?” More often than not it reads better because it’s more concise. I’ve learned a lot from writing this blog after all these years and I’d like to think I’m improving. My best method to improve my writing is by deleting lines. This is where I noticed that I use the words in the title often and by deleting them I didn’t lose anything. I don’t know if there is ever a place for a word like just. It’s just filler. It’s filler. Did I really just do that? It sounds moronic. I realize phrasing like this a lot of times in casual emails I send. Sometimes I’ll start writing 4 lines and re-read it and then combine a few phrases and get it down to two. In this case more isn’t better. AT&T lied and less is more in writing. Less sentences = more impact = better writing.