Topical post

I don’t do too many topical posts but I came across a few things today that I thought were worth mentioning. First off Josyln James was on Howard Stern today and talked about the 3 year affair with Tiger. I assume not to many people listen to Howard and I want to fill in some details. I didn’t get to listen to the whole interview but she came off as pretty honest about the whole thing. When they banged they wouldn’t use protection and she had one miscarriage and aborted the baby the 2nd time. I’d think you’d want to keep Tiger’s baby but what do I know. She said Tiger was an ass man and everything was fair game (anal, salad tossing, crazy positions) you name it. I’m actually starting to get tired of the whole thing but to think of Tiger in that light is I’m sure what the sponsors were afraid of. I placed a bet on Thursday that Tiger would come out in a black hat so keep your fingers crossed.

I watched most of the NCAA Championship game and with no action on the game and no chance to win any pool, this was by far the most excited I was for a sporting event in years. Watching a small school like Butler claw their way with 2 chances to beat the powerhouse of Duke was really tremendous. They had that hillbilly with the stupid mustache and Gordon leading the charge and I was just really impressed with the play of that team. They didn’t have a high powered offense but they just hung tough and won basketball games. I thought this game was far superior to any professional title game I’ve seen in such a long time. Drew Brees'(s) (do I apostrophe here even if it end in an s) super bowl win didn’t even come close. The Phillies getting to the World Series isn’t even a blip on my radar. All these Phillie fanboys come out now that Philadelphia has a good team again. I was actually surprised that they’ve had winning seasons since 2003. I really don’t have a vendetta against pro baseball but I just find the whole sport slow and dull and could find something better to watch on VH1.

Stop reading if you watch 24 and didn’t see the last episode because I will spoil in a sentence. Where is the show going now that all the terrorists are dead and there is no more Hassan? I haven’t really felt the gravity of the situation at any point in this season. I’m entertained an hour at a time but the big picture is stupid.