Jordyn “Cry Baby” Wieber

Jordyn Wieber is not crying because she didn’t move on to the finals for all around medal. She’s crying because her hair is pulled so freaking tight that her brain is ready to explode. Plus look at her coach, she doesn’t give a qua. She’s like, yeah you got a 4th place score and for some insane reason each country is only allowed to send 2 gymnasts even though you are obviously more skilled than every other country. For that reason, perhaps it is cry worthy. However, this is the Olympics. You’ve spent 4 years preparing for this and I think it has to be understood that you might not win 8 gold medals like 99% of the athletes there. How about we be happy for our teammate, our captain. I like individual awards as much as the next person but I don’t see it.

A congratulations to Aly Raisman who I watched for all but 3 seconds. She is a non nonsense, get nail that shit and move on type of woman. Her demeanor was seriously bad ass. Plus her parents are completely ape shit. Watching them is a show on its own. It’s funny because you watch these teenage girls and after they start flipping around for a while and you see how strong they are, you think, “hey they look pretty decent.”