Jodie Fischer

I try to be dynamic and not just correlate this blog to my life but also include some opinions on recent events. I’d assume some people don’t follow the news surrounding HP CEO Mark Hurd stepping down from his position because of his relations with Jodie Fischer. I haven’t read to much about what went on other than a small amount of money (20,000) was put to the companies expense account when I presume it went to her. Hurd apparently settled with her to keep her mouth closed and she doesn’t seem to be one of these nut jobs who crave the attention and use this as a stepping stone to be a whacked out bs celeb like Rachel Uchitel. Here’s a picture of the 50?!? year old Fischer.

Why am I putting her side by side with Mary Steenburgen? For obvious reasons like Steenburgen is the epitome of my ideal milf. Mary is 57!?! Yes, anytime there are ?!?! it’s a giant are you fucking kidding me? It’s a known fact that women don’t age as well as men do, so seeing these women look as good as they do at 50+ should give hope to females that you can look good past your prime. Aside from Fisher’s non-perfect teeth, I think she looks fine and I’m impressed how she’s handled the situation. Naturally she gets the feminine she-wolf Gloria Allred to represent her so she’s obviously getting great legal counsel. What struck me as the best part of her background though is that she was in B movie softcore porn, specifically “Intimate Obsession.” The paper writes it up as a FILM, don’t make me laugh, described as an erotic thriller on Showtime. It came out in 1992 which would only make me 9 years old but I’m familiar with the production of late night “films” on Showtime and she’s virtually a porn star that doesn’t do intercourse or show her vag. I find that the internet makes these Cable flicks obsolete because there’s something fishy about watching women fake it the entire time. Usually the quality of girls are higher but for some reason they cast a lot of ethnic girls.

I got off track there a bit but the one final thought I had was, what did Mark Hurd do so wrong? She’s an attractive women, he’s the fucking CEO of Hewlett Packard, and why isn’t he allowed to spend some cash on her. He said he’d repay the meager sum of cash and he’s done a terrific job as their CEO. There’s probably much more to the story than I’m aware of but seems like this guy deserves a second chance.