Fantasy Football Studs Part 2

A few days ago I gave my thoughts on 3 of my top fantasy players for the 2011 season. Here are 3 more that will fly a little under the radar.

Jimmy Graham – TE
jimmy graham
In the last 7 games of the season he averaged 36 yards per game. Not spectacular but in his last 3 games he had 4 TD’s. He’s 6-6 and weighs 260. Drew Brees is one of the best QB’s in the league and he has underachievers in Colston and Moore. Graham is going to be the starter and I assure you he will be a quality TE this year.

Kenny Britt – WR
Kenny Britt
Yes, he got arrested during the off season. He plead not guilty and probably won’t be reprimanded because it was during a “lockout.” Can Kenny Britt play football? Even with Kerry Collins at QB, let’s look at the numbers. He averaged 72 yards per game and had 7 TD’s in his first 7 games. Yes this includes a 225 yards, 3 TD game vs the Eagels but it still shows the potential. He was injured and he missed the next 5 games. I think you know he’s not playing 16 games when you draft him for one reason or another. He finished the last 4 games of the season and averaged 85 yards per game and caught 2 TDS. If he falls into the later rounds, he’s worth a gamble.

Miles Austin – WR

I really like Miles as a player on a team with limited WR’s. People may think Dez Bryant is the next best thing but I just don’t see it. Romo and Miles have a strong relationship that Dez Bryant isn’t breaking up this quickly. Miles is consistent and his numbers are deceiving because Romo went down in Week 6. In the 4 games with Romo at QB, Miles averaged 118.5 yards a game with 2 TD’s. The rest of his season was still pretty good but I promise you he will go later in drafts than he should.