Some things I don’t get

When did Jesse Eisenberg get so big? I’m looking at his list of movies everyone I’d dismiss as shitty (even though I’ve only seen one). Adventureland was a snoozefest. How good could Zombieland be? Now he’s in The Social Network which is guaranteed to be a hit. If they have betting odds on how big this movie will be, I’ll take the over. When a site has 500 millions members and people make a movie about it, people will take interest. So how did this dweeby looking numnuts land the role of Mark Zuckerberg with such a dismal resume? I’m missing something. Kind of reminds me of a young Matthew Morrison.

I haven’t commented on the newest season of the Jersey Shore yet and considering it’s Thursday, now seems appropriate. The way they cast is acting towards each other must be so difficult to live through on a day to day basis. I know some people would think everything is staged but even though there are camera’s everywhere, I don’t think these 8 people are that good of actors to pull off the drama they show. You can see that something that in Angelina and Paulie’s past dealings effects Angelina. Obviously it’s the girl being really emotional to some moment she deems as important and he looks at as a hoe being a whore. Plus I liked in the first episode when Ronnie gets black out drunk because when he wakes up the next day and starts asking questions about what happened, I’ve been there so many times that to see it from that perspective was really entertaining. I think the show has lost some of it’s allure but I still find it worth watching.

I also want to make mention of a movie I watched recently called “the promotion”. It starred Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly. It was a more serious role for both of these talented actors but still had a comedic effect. I found it to be a nice change of pace honestly. It was about two ass’t managers who are vying for a manager at a new store and how their paths cross. I want to say upfront though that there is a very good chance you find this movie awful if you are expecting step brothers.

Also how many goddamn ways are there to spell Shawn. Shaun, Chone, Shonn, Shawon, Sean. Then you start throwing around De’s and Le’s. Just nice simple names like Tom do the trick. 3 letters. To the point. No fucked up Thom’s. Everyone should have learned from the Asians to just keep it short. Hu, Wang, Phuck.