Tabloid Tuesday – Jennifer Diley on American Idol

Those are some tiny shorts but that is one fine body. I think it’s her complexion which is really great too. Pointing out how hot this 19 year old though isn’t the reason for this post. This girl doesn’t need to win this contest to make it in life. Just by being on this show and being seen by 10+ million viewers will initiate some sort of positive reaction. I thought it was hilarious when Seacrest asks her “what would you do if you weren’t singing” and she answers with working with animals or kids. How about modeling? How about Playboy after this audition? This type of exposure is what millions of people around the world long for. I’m surprised more people don’t dress up like whores and pretend to sing just for the attention. The other story is that apparently 10 minutes before Diley went to audition Steven Tyler told her she would guarantee pass to the next round. Oops!