The inverse relationship

Some of the funniest ideas are found by the inverse relationship. When comparing the Princeton to Ocean Drive (bars down the shore), Baker once said that he liked the Princeton because the girls were much hotter and not as dirty. This sounds good in theory but here is where the inverse relationship comes in. The hotter the girl, the less chance we have of talking to her, let alone scoring. As the girl’s get uglier, the chances begin to get higher and finding that balance is the kicker. This relationship works in many ways. Generally I* hold this to be true with wits and beauty. A time tested fact is that the more attractive someone is, the dumber they are. Dweebs and nerds don’t have the looks but solve the world’s problems and gorgeous looking people can’t screw in a lightbulb, but at least they look good doing it. Now that you understand the concept I’ll explain a few other notable inverse relationships.

The more someone talks, the less they have to say. Generally the talking people are good at talking because they can talk about anything and make it seem important. Now this isn’t a bad thing because if you have two people who neither like to talk, well, you’ll just sit there not talking. I personally don’t mind the talkers and even prefer it over people who don’t. I feel like they provide more entertainment and make life better and easier. I’m sure some people can get annoyed at people who talk too much but I have rarely found someone who bothers me by talking excessively. I should probably talk more myself but even when I’m not trying to talk a lot I still say some bonehead things from time to time. Imagine how much more this would be multiplied if I was constantly talking. To quote Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

The length of your shorts should determine how much respect you deserve. The longer your shorts, the less respect. Short shorts and you’ll be noticed by everyone when you enter a room. If you don’t agree just ask Stockton and Malone. Gangstas, thugs, and wannabe’s on the basketball court are where you’ll find shorts that seam* like pants but shouldn’t be confused. I can hardly ever think of a situation where long shorts fit in and can be taken seriously. If I had to make an assessment, I’d say the knee cap is the cut off. At that point you are a 0. I personally find it uncomfortable to wear shorts that short and will never demand much respect from anyone in the summertime. I’m considering abandoning all cargo pants shorts and moving into regular khakis. This is because Baker looked down on me on the golf course and country clubs frowned on cargos.

The more tattoo’s on your body, the less serious people take you. I have to believe that this reigns true in corporate world. People running millions and billions of dollar companies can’t be walking around with huge tattoos all over their body, they wouldn’t fit in. Investors don’t want to see a wild man with ink all over their body doing what he pleases with their loot. Let’s look at the BirdMan. You think the Birdman is holding corporate meetings and talking about how the company did last year?

No the Birdman is lucky to be 7ft tall and will never have to work another day in his life so he does what he wants. It’s a carefree mentality like I can do whatever I want and no one is going to stop me. This attitude stereotypes people with tons of tattoos and thus my reasoning on the more tattoos you have, the less serious people will take you. I’ve never had a tattoo either so I can be completely off based and 99% of the world has tattoos but they just are always covered up. It’s hard to have a blog and then make middling judgments. It’s better to pick a side and go all the way.