What People Want

I think it’s funny that people could care less what I do and more about what I think.  Meaning I write what I do during weekdays and weekends and people tell me it’s boring as hell.  But when I write what I think is proper technique on taking a shit I get people telling me that I’m spot on.  So I’ll keep that in mind in future posts.

I want to write about internet browsing.  I’m hopefully going to enlighten you on techniques to make surfing the net easier.  When you type in urls you don’t type in “www.rnningfool.com” you type in rnningfool and then hold ctrl and hit enter.  You can do this for any site and turns you from a noob to someone who has a clue.  Try it now, type in espn in your url box, highlight it and hold ctrl and hit enter, goooood.  When you fill in field boxes, use tab.  Everyone probably knows this but when you go backwards hold shift+tab.  Saves time and doesn’t use the mouse.

Can anyone explain to me how wikipedia has become the know it all source on the web.  Supposedly people add the information and it is edited by ?  Who are these know it all’s that edit the information and make sure it’s correct.  I honestly use Wikipedia as my source for anything I want to know and I trust its content, is that wrong?

Since bathroom humor is so popular I think it’s imperative that you read on the john.  I’ve been reading the bathroom book and I am constantly learning useless facts.  I think reading on the john should be the indicator of how intelligent you are.  It’s kind of like an IQ test.  If you sit there and just try to get in and out real quick you aren’t taking the proper time to shit.  You probably think that the time on the john is a waste and you have more important things to do.  This should put you in the lower class of IQ.  If you read something like people or something where you only look at the pictures and captions it’s slightly better than no reading at all, but not by much.  Books are overkill because you can’t sit there all day, but normal magazine articles and things that should be short entertainment are ideal.

I used to do the crossword puzzle on the hopper in college.  I would have about an hour in between classes and nothing to do.  So I’d find the one, nicest bathroom with no one in it.  Like a 5th floor of a nice office building and just settle in for a nice think session.  Learning on the toilet has to be one of the best places because there is nothing to get distracted by and concentration is at its max.  However, you know you’ve been on too long if your feet and legs start to get pins and needles, that’s when it’s time to get up and leave.  Also, always wash your hands.  It’s disgusting to leave and not wash your hands no matter what the circumstance is.  I may write about gross topics but I always practice proper etiquette.

To finish up this post, I watched Schindlers list and found the movie amazing.  I didn’t cry because I’m too much of a man but I was on the verge of a tear when Oskar was saying how he could have saved more money at the end.  Brilliant acting by Oskar (Liam Neeson).  I know if you’ve seen me since I’ve seen it I’ve probably talked about it but it was really an awesome flick.  What the Germans did to the Jews was awful but to tell the tale of Oskar was really inspiring.  4 stars without a doubt.  Next up I have to watch the Wrestler or Slumdog.