Improving a Website


This blog sucked. When Sam posted that screenshot of my past blog, I went back 3 years ago and started reading dated entries and became mentally distraught. All I wrote about was going out in Manayunk, gambling, and basketball. The grammar and spelling were atrocious. It read like the writing of a problem drinker/gambler with no education. That’s probably being a tad severe but I believe this website has grown leaps and bounds. The format, the writing, the ideas, and everything else that goes along with this website has shown progress. To give you an idea of the actual growth, throughout the month of June in 2013, I had 6,532 unique visitors. Back in 2010, I had 227. That achievement is something that I think can be attributed towards hard work and determination.

There was something engaging about my older entries though, they were me being me. I played poker for hours on end, gambled on sports, got black out drunk, essentially me in my glory. I could see how people would actually prefer to read about that then what I’ve been posting as of late. It’s like a summation of what you don’t want to do in life. So to the people who knew me, they could live vicariously through my dopey self. To everyone else though, there was no real content within the blog. That’s why as you read my recent posts, you’ll see that they are more about ideas or thoughts that anyone could relate to instead of a play by play of my daily activities. I find it funny that I never grasped that concept back in 2010. Fortunately, I get older, get wiser, and continue to improve my website.

I still have no goal for this site which is a vague, uncertain outlook. I’ve already wrote how comments could help but it also comes down to my interaction with other people. For example, commenting on other blogs, re-tweeting, being involved in other people’s sites to expand my network. I tend to keep things close to the vest though and don’t actively seek out other people. This would be something that I’ll add to my list of self weaknesses. I’ve always rather done things by myself than with other people. The reason is because I don’t like complicating my life or as a therapist (I’ve never seen one) would put it “leaving my comfort zone.” My issue is that I try to be as real, and as nice as possible, and that combo doesn’t jive with most people. Mainly because if I have to be real, I can’t be nice (this obviously depends on the person). But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to work and expand. I’m well aware that connecting with people is a key to life. In the same fashion of how my blog improved since 2010 in content, you’ll see the same expansion in the connections I intend to make. If anyone reads this blog frequently and wants to help out on this matter, I’m here to work with you.