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People are whining that I haven’t wrote a post in a few days which is fine but I try not to flood the site with pointless material, even though everything’s pretty much pointless on here, but at least I feel like the material has some entertainment value when I want it to. I really can’t write much about the weekend because I don’t remember all that much. I’m actually a little disappointed with myself because I’m still playing with fire and it’s only a matter of time before I get burned again. I woke up on Sunday with a bath towel covering me instead of a blanket which as a Baker said “was odd.” We played golf on Saturday and I was pretty hungover and then started drinking on the course which had me spraying balls all over the place. I thought I hit the ball pretty well but when you give away 8 strokes from penalties off the tee you can’t score well. Apparently I picked up two girls numbers over this weekend but the one Jkash reminds me of, I don’t really recall. The second was some Asian girl who wasn’t bad but the communication barrier was a bit tricky. My real problem is that I make a good impression on people after 6 beers but tend to move into creep mode after about 15. CK4 tells me my moves at Mad River on Saturday were ineffective and creepy more so than anything suave. This is actually causing me to give some thought to developing a device to limit the amount of alcohol. Or I could just attain celebrity status with the idea told to me by multiple people to just wear a camera on my head when I go out. Jkash’s comments of not only would the footage be dynamite (taio shout out) but the interaction with people with a camera on my head would be priceless. I also want to put Hafer’s name in this paragraph just so he doesn’t feel left out.

Standard Sunday Tv night as well with True Blood, Entourage, and the Ocho show. I found True Blood to be a bit slow and the gay scenes are really not what I want to be watching. Entourage was sub par and I really hate writing that I dislike the Turtle plot lines but I’m going to keep at it just to hammer the point home. Ocho was entertaining as usual as you get a glimpse of how catty some girls can be. I really like Tara as well because I feel like there is nothing going through her brain, and she talks like nothing is going through her brain, but she has some pretty witty zingers.

Some other news that no one cares about. I finished 16th out of 1906 people in a 20 dollar tourny when my tens lost to another person’s tens. I ran pretty well but I think it’s pretty evident that my poker game is starting to find some success. Just navigating fields that big and coming up with a spot to potentially take it down should be a bright spot of things to come. Here’s some music too that I find pretty good at the moment.

Pop music that will hit the airwaves in full force I would assume.

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