I like

I like the Vanilla flavored air freshener for my car.
I like running on the hottest days because the sweat pours off.
I like ball point instead of gel pens.
I like to wear headphones when at my computer.
I like butter and Parmesan cheese on my spaghetti instead of sauce.
I like fresh haircuts.
I like low cut socks.
I like firefox as my browser.
I like shots of Jameson.
I like t-shirts with alcohol & band logos.
I like passing someone who is driving real slow and then cutting into their lane immediately when I pass them to prove the point.
I like using the number pad to the right of the keyboard to input digits.
I like hanging up on people soliciting my business.
I like Mayo on sandwiches on Ketchup on cheese steaks.

Just to go off on a tangent real quick. I’m really amazed at how Hyundai turned their brand name around. I remember years ago that this was such a shitty car that would retail to the low end market for 10k or so and just had a reputation for being bad. Now they put out nice looking cars like this:

Personally I still wouldn’t drive a Hyundai just because of its negative connotation with it’s past models, but I’m impressed with it’s effort. A company that is completely oblivious to good marketing is Hanes. A video below is showing MJ with this Hitler style mustache. Now this is old news and has been on a while but how can anyone in Hanes marketing dept look at him and say, “This is fine, let’s go with this look.” I don’t give a flying fuck that it’s MJ, someone has to step up and say that this looks incredibly stupid and may rub people the wrong way. Even if it deters a few people from it’s brand, why on Earth would you chance it? I for one will never wear Hanes or any of it’s products, not because of the mustache, but because of the idiots inside the company who make mindless decisions.