Storage War Episodes 1/3/12

New episode, Brandi’s First Time (yeah right), of Storage Wars aired tonight and it proved one thing for sure, the show is way better without Jarrod. Coming from a complete character perspective without the looks, Brandi has way more balls than Jarrod in the bidding process. The fact that she goes after units without backing down at all really worked in this episode. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for her considering she lost 2k on the locker but it was even more fun seeing her lose Jarrod’s money. Watching Barry puss down because he’s being “the selector” is sort of bizarre. He must be losing tons of money at these auctions but you’d think with all the fancy cars he drives, he wouldn’t care. The whole high fiving with Darrell and his son is really, well, gay. Dave Hester seems to have evaporated from the show. I feel like A&E told him to stop being such a villain because their audience is a bunch of stay at home mom’s and children. Still I thought the episode was enjoyable.

I also want to give A&E a huge thumbs up for getting that crappy Texas version off the air. Those characters were completely awful and the show flat out stunk. I’m happy to see they pulled the plug after only a couple episodes. The next episode, Hooray for Holly-Weird is starting to show an interesting dynamic that wasn’t apparent in earlier episodes. The fact that the show and the characters are growing, also means their businesses are growing. This means that they all have more capital expenditures and also an increase of pressure to come through at these auctions. I can’t tell how real this dynamic is because they could be making tens or even hundreds of thousands for the show which would pretty much negate any amount spent. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting. Another thing to notice is when Dave has 15,000 books, it might take him 10-20 years to sell them all. Seeing him act like it’s a gold mine is a little presumptuous. I liked seeing some new faces bid up the lockers as well. Barry seems to get taken on a ride every time. Watching Brandi and Jarrod fail is also sort of nice. I at least found this week’s episodes fun to watch.

Also if you haven’t read the comments on this post, they are really turning hilarious.