Ace in the Hole

Riverwinds Golf Course, Hole 15, 147 yards - Ace

Riverwinds Golf Course, Hole 15, 147 yards – Ace

I have been defying odds. At this pace I should be winning powerball by weeks end. Today marked the 2nd, and much more, extraordinary event of my existence. The one attempt 70 ft shot was pretty impressive but today was the first time I’ve ever had a hole in one on a par 3.

Shee and I decided to leave work a little early and play a round of golf at Ron Jaworski’s Riverwinds . Shee is only 4 months recovering from ACL surgery and decided that APete was a good comparison for what he should be able to accomplish. It was an absolute perfect day and he steps up to the first tee and blasts one down the middle for a great start to the round. Everything was going swimmingly during the round and we were both enjoying the day. I managed to hit a par 5 in two and make a birdie but that was my only good hole on the front. We both were 48 on the front and were trying to talk our games up for the back.

Hole 15 was a short par 3, 147 yards, and I had the honors. I pulled out a 9 iron and lined up the shot while commenting, “I’m going to open my club face a cunt hair (vulgar I know but the truth is the truth) and put this in the hole.” So I make my swing and connetct with good contact. I could tell it was on line and said something to the effect that it’s looking pretty good. Shee lost it in the sun but caught a glimpse as it hit the green. It was too tough to tell but my feeling was that it was the right direction but I over hit it. Shee hit his shot and we proceeded to the green. At this point we looked at the green and didn’t see any balls. Shee said we had to walk up together just in case. As we get closer I peered behind the green and didn’t see any sign of a ball. Shee was a few steps ahead and pointed out the ball mark. At that point I think I realized that I had my first hole in one. We looked in and the ball was sitting right in the hole. I put my hands up in cheer and Shee nearly tackled me. It was pretty amazing. The feeling of the hole in one lasted the final 3 holes (where I had 2 birdie putts and a par putt on) and I still have a bit of high. I’ve probably played 200+ rounds of golf with maybe 800 chances at par 3’s and I finally nailed one. Some people can go their hole lives but I was able to claim the elusive hole in one. Ron Jaworski is going to send me an autographed football for the accomplishment. Thanks to the Shee for being a witness.


My ballmark on the 15th hole that resulted in a hole in one

My ballmark on the 15th hole that resulted in a hole in one