Broken Ankle Documentation – Day 9

Heel pretty bruised

This is where the break occurred

Nothing to be concerned about

I’m pretty amazed at the lack of information on broken ankles. I didn’t find any info about the hemotoma that occurred or what to expect after the initial break. I’m sure my daily readers are getting bored with these constant ankle updates but I really don’t have much else to talk about. I actually put on my right sock today by myself with only the help of leaning my ass against the door which was a huge accomplishment. Tomorrow I might even try to put my boxers on one leg at a time. Seriously these are big deals. I have a dr visit on Wednesday so hopefully that will shed some more light on how much longer for recovery. I honestly only want to be able to walk again without crutches and then I’ll be happy.

The absolute worst thing about this whole situation is my inactivity. I haven’t been able to exercise in a over a week now and I’m starting to notice my body getting, well, fat. I chow down a sleeve of oreo’s and then just feel disgusting. I see how people get fat now. It’s just do what I’m doing, but not being handicapped and having no self motivation to exercise. It’s somewhat pathetic honestly considering my daily routine to what I’ve been reduced to. People out there live this way on a daily basis. Sad but true.

Just to add a few reviews to the movies I watched. Jackass 3d is a complete waste of money. I thought the skits they included in the movie may have catered to the 3d aspect and they just weren’t that great on regular TV. I wouldn’t recommend Lost Boys to anyone and if anyone says it’s good, I have to disagree. The best thing about the above two movies is that they are both 90 minutes long. I know the Lost Boys was 80’s but I’ve heard about the movie so I figured I’d check it out and I prefer Twilight. Inception was thought provoking but hardly confusing. While I was watching I had some questions but then I read the Wikipedia and then what I watched made sense. I thought the idea of the person being in the dream having a physical form and then searching through the dream for information was pretty far fetched but whatever.