The social assassin

I’m going to tie some current events in my life with HBO’s Sunday night line up. I’ll start by saying that True Blood is pretty wacky and this hasn’t been one of the better seasons so far. The Arlene/baby storyline is dumb. Lafayette and his boyfriend bore me. Tara sucks. Jason’s panther thing is far out and Jessica and Hoyt thing is just weird at this point. The Merlotte’s are moderately amusing. The Sookie/Eric thing is OK and I will say I’m really looking forward to Bill finding Eric with Sookie.

I thought Curb was hilarious. Easily the best episode of the season. Funkhauser and the yamaka was hilarious. I thought When Jeff said the pillow looked like a cat and they were concocting evil plans was really funny. The social assassin thing had me cracking up because I feel like I’ve become one myself. It’s just extremely difficult to please everyone because everyone looks at things differently. People base their viewpoints on “facts” that are apparent to them and that can be seen differently by someone else. Truth is very unique in the sense that there can be a number of different truths. What I am learning though is it’s just better to just shut up and only worry about yourself. Interfering with people just isn’t worth it. Letting people believe in their own “truth” and going along with it is far superior than making a fuss about it.

I thought Entourage was decent too. People expect the world from that show and are always disappointed. I found this season opener to be very realistic. I thought the way that the group was handling Vince’s situation is probably very common to people coming out of rehab. They try to shelter him from any vice and in turn just make things “weird”. The Ari/Mrs. Ari is another common real life situation that I think is neat to watch how they show Ari taking it. I also found it unbelievable that Perrey Reeves character doesn’t even have a name other than Mrs. Ari. I think people just want this show to make them orgasm with every episode. Even though it’s a short season, I’ll still happily watch this show and not freak out when the episode is only decent. I hate Scott’s character by the way.