HBO Finales

True Blood – D- – If this series was their first series, this show would never have caught on. They tried really, really hard to make the Sookie, Bill and Eric love triangle dramatic but it just didn’t have the right effect. There was no emotional connection this season like there was in others. The Jason Stackhouse – Jessica plot line just came from nowhere and was pretty dumb. Lafayette and Jesus was just too magic oriented and seemed dumb. Sam’s plot line with Luna and the kid and Marcus wasn’t interesting. Arlene and Terry seems forced in the mix. Basically, I thought there were too many plot lines and they weren’t very good. The story was all over the place with magic, vampires, shifters, werepanthers, werewolves, and pixies. Stick with the vampires and maybe the show will find its roots again. Killing off characters in the finale doesn’t make the finale good either.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – B+ – With only 10 episodes this season, it’s easy to be disappointed. However, I think there were still memorable episodes and this season certainly wasn’t a let down. From the Palestinian Chicken, to LOL Larry, to the Mister Softee, each episode still had it’s own unique storyline. At this point things out of the ordinary happen to generate the story line but you just have to accept that with this show. I always find Larry’s romantic scenes sort of out of place because he’s so goofy but he’s a really funny actor. I thought tonight’s finale was decent with Michael J. Fox. The cameo’s (Rosie, Bill Buckner, Ricky Gervais) throughout the season make this show even better.

Entourage – B – I feel like everyone is always very hard on this show and expects the world. The way they summed it up was pretty well done. The Vince and Sofia marriage story line was rushed and dumb. The E & Sloan being together at the end was predictable but felt right. Turtle being a millionaire and Johnny just sort of being Vince’s brother didn’t have much closure. But let’s face it, Ari & Mrs. Ari steal the show as being the best, most interesting, plot line. The way they depict Ari’s life and how he never has any time to spend with his kids is so typical that it hits home to so many people. Him realizing this and quitting his job and devoting his life back to Mrs. Ari made for a storybook ending. What I liked the most though was the scene after the credits with the CEO giving the company to Ari and basically saying the world is yours. He shows so much sacrifice quitting his job but there is always something bigger out there that can tempt you. Really cool and shows how easy it is for Ari to go back on his words. I thought this show wasn’t fantastic but Ari still salvaged what was right in Entourage. Give him a spin off.