Female Celebs I Love

Rachael Harris

JKash calls me retarded for thinking she’s hot but I absolutely fell in love with her because of her bitchy role in the Hangover. She treated Stu like dirt and I thought it was awesome. Plus she has the exact glasses I like. She isn’t one who I’d give perfect scores on looks but I like her as an actress. I also don’t think I’d want to be treated like Stu but for some reason just the idea of having a female berate and control a male like that is appealing. Plus I have a feeling she’s a real sweetie in real life.

Salma Hayek

I feel like I’ve had her on my lists before but I give her perfect 10’s for body and face. She is absolutely beautiful. I don’t really know many movies she’s in but who cares. I put her in a different category than the above. I feel like you could have a good relationship with Rachael Harris but with Salma, you just shut up and stare at her. I don’t feel like you’d have a lot of substance with her but she’d turn heads everywhere you’d go and you pretty much don’t have to do anything. Stunning.

Winona Ryder

I went through a lot of her pictures and actually don’t find her all that attractive all of the time. But she was the reason I even made this post. I watched Mr. Deeds and her role as Babe Bennett made me like her full on. I just felt like she had this normal person aura around her unlike Selma Hayek. She’s like a hidden beauty. You don’t look at her and think perfect 10 but I just think her vibe is awesome. Put the Rachael Harris glasses on her and I’ve made a match in heaven.