Harrah’s Chester

Evan and I decided to check out the Harrah’s in Chester now that they are running table games. We got there at about 3 and it was only a convenient 30 minutes away, I thought the facility was pretty clean and they even had a race track with live races going off. We started off playing blackjack and had one of the funniest dealers I’ve ever played with. They hired one of the dumbest people on the planet. However she was really nice so I didn’t have a problem with her. Her adding was atrocious and whenever Evan got blackjack she’d say congratulations like it was the crowing achievement of his life. I went up about 300 on her and then a cranky know-it-all came and rocked us for a bit. I left up 107 dollars. I than put 20 bucks on the 6 horse to win and he got 2nd. I blew a few bucks on video poker and bought a few drinks so I ended up walking out virtually even. The clientele is pretty scummy and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are fiending for action. It’s worth checking out though if you are into those sort of things.

I took two notable pictures from the weekend.
6 horse losing to the goddamn 4

A few feet away from an ace on a par 3.