Fake Reality TV That Tries To Be Real

Fake reality TV like The Kardashians, The Hills, Jersey Shore, or The Bachelor are the epitome of “reality” TV. Essentially the episodes get scripted by creative writers and the actors act out the scenes. 2013 has come a long way since TV that was closer to reality like Real World (1992) & Survivor (2000),The Osbornes (2002) were pioneering reality TV. Those shows felt like there was minimal persuasion from directors. Today the audience has bought into the idea that reality is better (which I agree with) but it’s gotten so out of hand that reality has now transferred back to scripted television. I don’t really have a problem with it as long as everyone realizes that what they are watching isn’t reality. Here are a few examples of shows that actually try to act like it’s real life compared to shows on E! and the networks.

Hardcore Pawn

There is really no need to watch the clip but essentially the microphone pack comes out of the guest and it makes sense that a reality TV show wouldn’t mic guests walking into the store. What I really like about the video (you still don’t have to watch it) is that the person who made it keeps saying how much he enjoys it. For me once the effect of a show being produced and created is dawned on me, I stop liking it. After watching about 3 Hardcore Pawns you come to this realization but it just makes you wonder what the hell is the point of the bartering? I think coming up with ideas and crazy people acting would get difficult.

World’s Worst Tenants
I actually find this show pretty funny. The tenants go nuts and are pretty good actors. The end credits say the show is inspired by real events with names/places changed. They are all actors. It is not real. The last few episodes I saw were hilarious though. One dude drove an RV through a gate, another pointed a gun at the bros, and people were having sex on the balcony which were actually dolls! It’s on FX which probably gets overlooked often.

Storage Wars
I was pretty big on Storage Wars and it’s STILL the main source of traffic for my site. I wrote articles on why I thought it was fake back in 2011 and it still continues today. This entry still gets major traffic. I completely stopped watching it around this time. Dave Hester even came out saying it was fake and I was browsing an episode recently and it seems like he’s off the show. Why on Earth would people continue watching it if they know it’s fake? The items are planted, the bidding is staged, and the whole premise is pointless…

I guess at this point I’m not bringing anything groundbreaking to the scene because it’s fairly obviously. I dug up this quote from an actor on some show I don’t watch. The situations are “all false,” Hart says, yet, “the real reality comes from us playing ourselves. We’re making fun of ourselves.” But ultimately a semi-scripted, semi-improvised show like Real Husbands is not that much different from celebrity-driven reality shows that feature stars reacting to manufactured situations.” I think that is a pretty good description of what is happening. I wonder how many people understand that though. Once cops goes fake, we know we are in trouble. Let’s all admit Pawn Stars has jumped the sharked as well.