Parking Lot Fun

Here are two things that come along when your driving around that I feel are worthwhile to point out. Yesterday I was going to LA fitness at around 7:30. It’s impossible to go to the gym between 5-7 due to the chaos that surrounds this social gathering. People don’t go to the gym to work out between these hours, the truth is the gym turns into a happy hour for the people who don’t like working out but like saying they went to the gym. This turns it into a cluster fuck of idiots talking and sitting on machines. Anyhow, the lot is still packed at this point but it starts to clear out a bit. So I’m driving up the aisles trying to find a spot, any spot really. No, that spot has a compact car in it, no, that spot has that device to hold the shopping carts, and than out of nowhere a beam of white light comes from someones rear tail light (obvious the reverse lights for the slow ones) and this guy is literally in a grade A spot, right next to the handicap spaces. So I’m at the far end of the aisle and just gun it because I know there is going to be a race for this spot. So I zoom up and do my best to get as close as possible to this guy but still give him enough room to exit. Voila. The feeling that overcame me on this ice cold day that I have a spot where I literally have to take less than 20 steps to the entrance. I sat in my car an extra 5 minutes just soaking in what just happened. This just really made my day.

To continue my parking lot theme I will write about something that I really despise. Picture me entering the lot and driving slowly around making sure not to run over any stray pedestrians crossing the street. I stop at stop signs, well technically I rolling stop at stop signs but it’s all the same. Now I’m driving perpendicular to aisles and my driving lane has no stop signs. Now I see some poor soul waiting perpendicular to me looking to merge into my driving lane. Remember, I don’t have any stop signs and they do. I slow my car down and give him the go ahead signal because I’m a nice guy and I would appreciate if someone did it to me. Well guess what, this fucking asshole makes the turn into road without even acknowledging my act of kindness. Now this really burns me up. I do something nice and you can’t even thank me for my nice deed. I don’t want a cash prize or anything of value, just a simple salute or hand wave is all I ask. Some token of appreciation. I got nothing and it pretty much makes me never want to do anything nice to the entire human race ever again. Same thing goes for holding doors. When you hold the door for me, I kindly say thank you. When I open a door for you, don’t be a dick and act like you’re royalty and I’m your servant opening doors for you. Also it’s nice if you are about 6 steps ahead of someone and you arrive first but you can hold the door just to be good Samaritan. If you are 10 steps ahead then it’s fine to tell them to go fuck themselves and open their own goddamn door.

I can deal with the big things in life because you usually see them coming. But when people ignore the common courtesies like throwing out their own trash and proper manners, then I get upset. There’s a popular book called don’t sweat the small stuff but I can’t follow this title because the small stuff is what counts because it shows what kind of person you really are. The little things do the subtle talking. Don’t get me wrong, assholes do big things wrong all the time but sometimes the sneaky ones can be seen through their simple actions.

Finally to comment on the sole comment I received on the last post. Hafer displays his Hughesville humor by commenting on something that I just wrote about and how I think it’s retarded. When he’s sitting there writing that comment he’s probably laughing to himself how witty his comment is. However, knowing I just wrote what I wrote about in my last post, I’m well aware of what he’s up to and I’m actually leveling his comment by calling it out in this post. Just remember this at the poker table Hafer, I’m going to be one level ahead of your thought process at every stage. No matter how many levels you think you can think, I go one step further. Yeah, even with a Pitt education, I can go that far.