Google+’s Growth

It’s really not a fair chart because Google has millions upon millions of users and isn’t as a start up like Twitter and Facebook were. However, I think everyone can rest assured that Google+ will grow exponentially and at a quicker pace than the other two social media companies. Everyone uses Google. I used to have Yahoo as my home page because I liked all the other categories like Finance and Sports. Problem was I found myself having to URL Google more often than not and now I just go to Yahoo when I think about it. Google+ will grow and grow and has way more potential than Facebook for the above reason, everyone uses Google. Right now Google+ is barren. I have 10 friends. Once it becomes public and more people start joining, people will see the allure. I personally don’t find it that amazing but than again, I don’t really think Facebook is all that good either. People don’t like change but this is Google we are talking about. This company owns the way that people find information. The phrase “knowledge is the greatest weapon” (sort of made that up) is like saying Google holds the greatest, most powerful weapon in controlling how people learn. One year from now Google+ will have 100 million users and will provide a threat to Facebook. By 2013, I predict we’ll see Google+ with an equal number of users to Facebook. Don’t quote me on that.