Growing Up A Man

Every second that passes in your life, you gain experience. Experience helps you make better decisions and improve. To use the Office Space mantra, you should be the smartest in your entire life at every passing moment. Now obviously drugs, alcohol, and other life events can certainly affect this mentality but I think the premise holds true. With more participation in life, you form a greater understanding of all aspects. This is what it takes to stop your body from withering away into a boy body when it should be a fully grown man body!

I reviewed some posts that I wrote up back in 2007 and 2008 and it’s funny how I look at what I was writing back then and how my perspective on life has both changed a ton and not at all depending on the idea. Here is an excerpt:

TC & CK4  & James - Circa 2006  Sportin that plain white T and you know CK4 still has that sweatshirt

TC & CK4 & James – Circa 2006
Sportin that plain white T and you know CK4 still has that sweatshirt


When I think about my life, it occurs to me how small and insignificant my life really is. In the grand scheme of things, considering the size of the universe and the illusion of time, my life is meaningless.

80 years life expectancy is just a short run in a universe that’s been around for billions and billions of years.

Meaning, people’s “major” problems are usually not as bad as they seem.

Long Term Goals

Be happy.

Be a better person – mentally and physically

Enjoy freedom

Don’t injure yourself.

Help others?

How to obtain long term goals

Develop good friendships/relationships

Make money so living is easier

Why do people do things?

Improve themselves / society

Challenge and competition

Proving to be the best

The motivation of money

What should I be doing?

?????? – Something I enjoy

What should I not be doing?

Wasting my life as it passes me by

So the goal of a person’s life is what?

This was almost 6 years ago and my ideals haven’t changed much. I think I’ve improved on the action of what it takes to make these thoughts happen in the past 6 years but I’m essentially the same person except 6 years have passed. It’s almost scary how little my mind’s big picture ideas have changed. Where I’ve found personal growth is in my manner of dealing with people. It’s probably the main part of my life which I’ve been working on in the past year especially. I look back at the person writing this 6 years ago and believe I was mostly helpless compared to what I am now. I write this because I still feel mostly helpless but am gaining tools every day to encounter this life to be successful. This is one of the best reasons to maintain a blog. Looking back on something you wrote many years ago only to realize how little and much has changed. I have much more to write on this topic but don’t want to bog this entry down. I’ll write more later.

All grown up with Mom.

All grown up with Mom.