Katy Perry’s Cleavage Green Dress at the Grammy’s

Katy Perry Smoking Green Dress

How great is this dress? Especially when the Grammy’s were asking to hide some skin and keep the affair as PG as possible, Katy busts out with a skin tight, cleavage baring, show stopping dress. I hardly watched any of the Grammy’s but when the camera panned the crowd she stood out like a firework. I was wide awake any time she appeared on screen almost like she was a part of me. Enough displaying my teen girl knowledge of Katy’s catalog. I think she blows away all female starlet competition with her bazookas. I still can’t figure out her man situation. Russell Brand is an English womanizer who liked to have wheelchair sex with her and John Mayer is such a sweet sounding Nancy that it just isn’t going to work out. She needs a normal guy who can run 6 minute miles and feed off of her success. After viewing this picture, I’m pretty sure it’s clear where to vote on the poll to the right.