The Shee says it’s creepy that I check analytics and know who is visiting my blog. Cause it’s not at all creepy that I have random people peering into my life and knowing exactly what I’m doing. It obviously doesn’t bother me one bit or else I wouldn’t be doing it but I think I deserve the right to know who is visiting my blog. To all people who are wondering how much information is tracked by analytics I’m happy to share. If you visit this blog from work and your company has it’s own network, it displays the name of your company as the network who is visiting the site. So when J.P Morgan Chase comes up as visiting my blog everyday, I know who it is. Shee said he’d stop visiting my shitty blog and just read Sam’s, but once he realizes that I can call him out whenever I want, I’m sure he’ll check back every now and then. Now, if you are at home and visit the blog, it will appear as comcast or verizon and I have no idea who that is. University’s are displayed as the university so if I know what school you go to, there’s a chance I can know its you.

I do check the analytics frequently to know if my blog is getting more visitors and what type of visitors I’m getting. This month I had 327 unique visitors which is funny because I couldn’t name 327 friends. I probably only hang around with a dozen or so people and everyone else is just a passerby. There shouldn’t be a feeling of “Now I know he knows I read this so I won’t visit anymore.” I find it flattering that people care enough to visit my blog to begin with. To get that many people to read about my normal life is unbelievable. Maybe I’ll do an entry calling out every single lurker I know who reads this blog and what I think about them. It will be payback for all this free and useful information I provide to society. How else are you supposed to know that it’s ok to bic your balls. That washing jeans is unnecessary. What the rainbow spa entails. All of these are pertinent and the public needs to know. How these pages aren’t being read by millions is beyond me. Yes, I’m tooting my own horn but if I don’t, no one else will. Thank you visiting and check back when I write about every person I know and maybe you’ll be mentioned. I forgot to mention, “current gine is more important than playoff football…” One more for you Shee.