A midday post because I remembered something. The best commercial during the superbowl was this one.

I read an article in the journal today that was wondering why Google chose their first superbowl ad to be about the service that they are absolutely dominating. They have other products out their like their Nexus or their g-mail which they are constantly adding too. Nevertheless I thought this commercial was really good.

Two other random things. March 29th, 1999 was the first time the Dow closed above 10,000. After today’s rally it will close above that mark barely. This means that if you invested 10 years ago in the dow, you would have not made a cent. Just goes to show what kind of shitty economy we’ve been living through these last few years

The other funny thought has to do with basketball. Growing up I was always one of the better bball players. I did all the camps, played all the leagues, never really had any issues. Now that I’m older and I don’t really ever play aside from a league game once a week so my skills have developed atrophy (I think that’s right and am too lazy to look it up even though if I would have used that time to look it up instead of writing this sentence I probably would know). When I fired up an air-ball from 12 feet after being wide open last week it was demoralizing. The other team basically knew they didn’t have to cover me and let me roam free. It’s actually a better defense because they lower your self esteem to the point that you really don’t want the ball. Jkash told me that growing up he used to get the “let him shoot” or “he’s got nothing”. I’ve really turned into a head case when it comes to these sports that are supposed to be fun. What’s happened though, as I got older, I just don’t find the sports that much fun. So if I have to weigh how much fun it is compared to the feeling of embarrassment…