Last night I went to sleep really early and woke up in the middle of the night. I went running earlier in the day and that makes my feet dry and cracked. I remember feeling uncomfortable with my feet, so I put on some Goldbond foot cream. IcyHot is what this cream / moisturizer reminds me of. So after I put the stuff on, I put on socks because I can’t walk around barefoot after applying the cream, and I groggily go to the bathroom and take a piss. I was wearing mesh shorts so I just lowered the shorts with my left hand and my sac must have touched my hand because when I went back to bed my nuts were burning like hell. Talk about an unpleasant time trying to go to sleep. I know that this cream is like that too because I’ve also experienced it when I used the stuff the night before (didn’t wash my hands) then put my contacts in the next day and my eyes were burning and watering for an hour. I know this isn’t a very good story but the lesson is that whenever you put on any cream, you have to wash your hands immediately after. You’d think this would be common knowledge but I think I’m just lazy sometimes. I also would like to add that I think it’s necessary to wash your hands after every bathroom session. When I take a piss, my hands always touch my dick in some way or another because I’m a believer in aiming into the bowl. Now I know some people have no concept of this and will get it all over everywhere, most likely because they don’t grab hold and aim. Sometimes I feel like you don’t need to wash after taking a shit because if you think about it, the only thing making contact with your asshole is the toilet paper, thus leaving your hands scot free. The only other thing of interest was that I had a dream about some test in a Meteorology course that I didn’t study for and I woke up in a panic and then quickly realized I haven’t had to study for anything in 5 years. I probably could go into further detail on everything in this post but it’s probably better I don’t.